Independent Lab Results: Gulf Beaches Are TOXIC!

BP and the government are trying to tell us that everything is fine, all is under control, and we should carry on, return to tourism, spending money and act as if nothing had really happened.  Luckily for us, there’s still the 1st Amendment. Despite best efforts on the part of BP and their underlings at the U.S. Coast Guard, the truth isn’t all being covered up.

A local news station wanted to know the truth.  So their investigative reporter went out and took samples of the water and sand from several locations.  The results are downright frightening! Read more


Gulf Oil Spill: Proof In The Dirty Pudding – Corexit Sweeping Oil Under the Surface

Oil Spill Clean Up

Earlier today, we saw an aerial shot of the spill, and national media footage claiming that the spill area has gotten smaller.  Speculation was made that the newly found leaking of natural gas may be a factor (because it’s leaking gas instead of oil) and — are you ready for it? — that the solvents must be working.  We have to agree with that last one.  The dispersing agents probably ARE working… and that explains why the spill is smaller.  But that doesn’t mean that the oil is going away.  It proves our point that the dispersing agents are causing the oil to be spread about into the ocean’s water, where it can’t be seen, found and cleaned up.  All is going precisely as BP hoped, at least in that one aspect.

The problem, of course, is that it isn’t disappearing.  It isn’t evaporating.  It isn’t biodegrading.  It’s simply been buried beneath the surface of the ocean.  More toxic now, with greater surface area exposed to the ocean’s waters, it’s more harmful, but out of sight.  This is exactly what they want… and perhaps what the government wants as well?  People get much less upset about something they can’t see. Read more


Gulf Oil Spill: BP Intentionally Commiting Felonies Under EPA’s Nose?

The dumping of solvents into the ocean is a federal offense.  It’s likely also against state laws.  If anyone else was to dump just a barrel or two of noxious solvents into the Gulf, they’d be led off in handcuffs.  So why is are the EPA and Coast Guard letting them get away with pouring so many thousands of gallons of it every day?

Yesterday, BP announced that they are resuming injecting dispersing solvents into the oil stream in the depths of this disaster.  They still have not satisfied ANY of the inquiries regarding toxicity.  They have yet to explain why they are not utilizing Dispersit, which is a water-based alternative with far lower toxicity.  They have yet to justify trying to “bury” their financial responsibility by “dispersing” the toxic oil throughout the ocean waters, instead of letting it come to shore where it can THEN be cleaned up.  But they’re going to go back to using Exxon’s 9500, which we KNOW is highly toxic and noxious.  9500 causes damage to a human’s Central Nervous System (amongst the many effects of the oil-based solvent.)  Why are we allowing them to continue to use this stuff?  Just because some bureaucrat approved it two decades ago?! Read more