Plastiki Completes 8,000 Mile Voyage!

The Plastiki, a 60’x20′ catamaran made of some 125,000 recycled plastic bottles, has completed her journey from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia. Skippered by Jo Royle, a well know British sailor, this extraordinary vessel’s crew included David De Rothschild, young heir to one of the largest wealths in Europe. The point of the vessel’s creation and journey was to raise awareness of plastics and how they’re fouling our planet. Cudos to all involved in this amazing and educational project! Read more

The Bay vs. The Bag

Join Save The Bay in standing up to the plastics industry and reducing plastic bag pollution to protect our waters and marine animals!

Learn more at the Save the Bay Website

Ocean Flotsam

It doesn’t even sound like it should refer to something real, does it? But it IS real – very real – and out of sight may be out of mind, but it’s nowhere near Gone.

Ocean Trash Island

When a cargo ship loses a container of Nike shoes, they’ll float around the Pacific for years before landing on the shores of the Pacific Northwest. Plastic bags aren’t quite as boyant though. They’re more likely to make mayhem and kill essential marine life. There’s a literal floating island sitting out there in the middle of the Pacific, with everything from running shoes to entire sections of a ship. Have a look at the chart; click on the link below for details.

VISIT: Plastic, Trashing the Oceans