Protest at San Diego Seaworld

Whale and dolphin conservation protesters wearing Orca costumes were arrested this weekend for blocking traffic going into the San Diego SeaWorld amusement park.

The protesters were part of an event organized by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.) The group was protesting the upcoming Shamu show “One Ocean” (slated for summer 2011) were cited by the police and released without being jailed. PETA is against the practice of keeping Orcas (or any healthy whales or dolphins) captive in a tank.

PETA leaders branded the event a success, despite the arrests. Indications are that the group plans further protests in San Diego, and other SeaWorld parks.

“We got a lot of honks and waves from people going by,” said PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt. “We’ll be back.”

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The Orca Dilema: What To Do About Tilikum?

Some of you may have been watching the drama unfold since the death of long-time Seaworld trainer Dawn Brancheau. While that was certainly a tragedy, the incident begs the question, “What to do about Tilikum?” For those of you who may have missed all or part of the situation, we provide this recap:

The day of the attack, the orcas had been notedly uncooperative, as most orca experts not on the payroll of SeaWorld would attest. After the main show, Dawn was grabbed by Tilikum, an adult male orca (who had already killed two other people) while in captivity. Though as many as 85 people may have been involved in rescue efforts, Ms. Brancheau died from the attack. Initially, SeaWorld tried to play the incident off as an unfortunate accident in which the trainer slipped, fell into the pool and drowned. Only when one of the patrons who had witnessed the attack spoke up, did the truth of the matter surface.

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Free Lolita! Put An End To All Dolphin & Orca Shows!

Some may have fond memories of a Shamu show, or the TV series “Flipper”, or Sea World.   What you may not know is the slaughter and horror behind such shows, the torture and agonizing that those “smiling” dolphins endure — some for hours, some for decades, before they’re allowed the peace of death.  The truth is that many more are killed than survive.  Lolita, for example, is the only surviving Orca (actually a large dolphin, not a whale) from her capture.  There in that cove, nearly 40 years ago, many orcas died in capturing her and a few others.  Her longest companion, Hugo, died several years ago.  Since then, Lolita has been by herself.  In all, she has been in captivity now, living in an illegal tank just 1 foot deeper than she is long, for 39 years. Read more