Gulf Oil Spill: Proof In The Dirty Pudding – Corexit Sweeping Oil Under the Surface

Oil Spill Clean Up

Earlier today, we saw an aerial shot of the spill, and national media footage claiming that the spill area has gotten smaller.  Speculation was made that the newly found leaking of natural gas may be a factor (because it’s leaking gas instead of oil) and — are you ready for it? — that the solvents must be working.  We have to agree with that last one.  The dispersing agents probably ARE working… and that explains why the spill is smaller.  But that doesn’t mean that the oil is going away.  It proves our point that the dispersing agents are causing the oil to be spread about into the ocean’s water, where it can’t be seen, found and cleaned up.  All is going precisely as BP hoped, at least in that one aspect.

The problem, of course, is that it isn’t disappearing.  It isn’t evaporating.  It isn’t biodegrading.  It’s simply been buried beneath the surface of the ocean.  More toxic now, with greater surface area exposed to the ocean’s waters, it’s more harmful, but out of sight.  This is exactly what they want… and perhaps what the government wants as well?  People get much less upset about something they can’t see. Read more


Gulf Oil Spill: Worst Fears Realized; Dispersed Oil Coming To Shore Below Surface!

In Louisiana, in a hurried meeting ending up a 24-hour comment period before a barrier island would be dredged and formed, We heard from Plaquemines Parish President Nungesser.  Of the Army Corp of Engineers plan, he said:

“This has to happen quickly. This oil is now dropping below the surface and coming ashore with no warning.” Just as we’ve been saying for well over a week now.

Senior VP Jeremy Symons of the National Wildlife Federation urged caution.  In doing so, though, he gave all the more reason for urgency, pointing out that there has been a massive amount of chemical “dispersing agents” sprayed over the water.  Exactly the point, Mr. Symons.  Dispersant solvents that we here at Protect The Ocean have been trying to stop for nearly 2 weeks.  But we’ve been getting stonewalled by the Coast Guard, the E.P.A… and most recently, by a receptionist at EarthJustice.

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Gulf Oil Spill: We Must Report an Environmental EMERGENCY!

As most know by now, BP has been spraying a solvent called Corexit 9500 onto the ocean’s waters.  By now you probably also know that many question the wisdom of this, and are concerned about the toxicity of that solvent.  Well they should be, since it’s 3-4 times more toxic than the oil itself, makes the oil more effectively toxic by causing the oil to have a larger area exposed to ocean water, and because in our opinion IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE IT AS IT HAS BEEN EMPLOYED UNDERWATER.

This chemical was only ever approved for coastal clean-up.  It was not tested, nor approved, for release into the open ocean some 50 miles from shore and nearly a mile down beneath the surface.  What is this, then, that they’ve reportedly poured out 400,000 gallons of it already, and industry sources indicate the EPA has purchased an additional 800,000 gallons to continue polluting our oceans with?  The simple fact is that at least some of that is a federal crime, and if we witness it, we are obligated to report it!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Read more