How To Change Our World

By The People, that’s what this forum is, in part.  It’s a place where We The People address the issues, absent of the compromises many make when politics and advertising money comes into play.

What to do?  Our part doesn’t start or stop at informing our government.  That’s truly just the tip of the iceberg.  Consider every other significant improvement made in our society.  It begins in the private sector, and ends up supported by The People.  The government can impede that progress at times, make it difficult for solutions to rise to the top, while trying to protect us from ourselves.  It still comes down to what we will or will not tolerate.

How does that translate into something that changes the real world?  Vote with your wallet.  Start at Sea World and all of the other (disgusting) prisons for whales and dolphins.  If they weren’t making billions a year on Shamu’s suffering, there would be no capturing and enslaving them for profit. The thousands of them killed in pursuit of that profit would have been able to live out their natural lives free in the oceans of the world, instead of eating carrion in squalor while being driven insane. Read more