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Beach Clean Up

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Gulf Oil Spill: More BP Coverups?

Just when we thought it might be turning around, BP admits that things could very well get worse first. Reviewing their oil spill clean up actions, one begins to wonder just whose side they’re on. At times, they don’t even seem to be looking after their own best interests, and they’re certainly not focusing on ours. For example, they’re in the process of attaching a valve on the main pipe, but acknowledge that doing so will likely not reduce the output, since oil will still come out of two other leaks at a greater rate. They then add that they’re working towards implementing containment cones — huge hollow steel lids that will go over the top of the leaks, collecting the oil and pumping it to surface before it has a chance to escape the area. That should work… but perhaps not soon enough. Why, then, don’t they attach a hose to the top of the pipe with the new valve, collect THAT oil at the surface by opening the valve again once the hose or pipe is installed? That would relieve pressure on the other two leak spots while allowing collection and containment of the largest leak point. Apparently, that would make too much sense.

How bad? BP admitted that it could be 60,000 BARRELS — 3 million, 300 thousand gallons — per day. That’s ten times as much as they’ve been estimating up until now! Read more