Corexit’s Foul Stench

We have been reporting (and reporting about) the dangers of Corexit since the beginning of its use in the BP Gulf Disaster. Amongst things that we at Protect The Ocean have noticed is that Corexit is detectable in significant concentrations within shoreline waters days ahead of the arrival of the oil itself, and in beach waters that show no sign of oil contamination. Corexit is lethal to fish fry within 96 hours (and the stuff has been in there a lot longer than 96 hours) at just 2.6 ppm, that’s a pretty serious concentration! The fact is that far lower concentrations have proven lethal on fish fry when the duration went to 2 weeks.

A local Channel 5 news station at the Gulf did some independent testing. They took samples of water that children were playing in, and found Corexit solvents in concentrations ranging from 16 ppm to well over 200 ppm. Needless to say, I wouldn’t want anything in (or from) those waters if it could be helped. There’s no doubt that employing Corexit to bury the oil beneath the surface (where they wouldn’t be forced to pay for cleaning it up) was their contingency plan in case of major catastrophic leak. There’s little doubt that they realized the potential ramifications of infusing the stuff at 133+ atmospheres of pressure in cold water. Read more

Independent Lab Results: Gulf Beaches Are TOXIC!

BP and the government are trying to tell us that everything is fine, all is under control, and we should carry on, return to tourism, spending money and act as if nothing had really happened.  Luckily for us, there’s still the 1st Amendment. Despite best efforts on the part of BP and their underlings at the U.S. Coast Guard, the truth isn’t all being covered up.

A local news station wanted to know the truth.  So their investigative reporter went out and took samples of the water and sand from several locations.  The results are downright frightening! Read more

Gulf Oil Disaster Coverup — Calling Out BP, EPA and Obama

From the very beginning of the Gulf Oil Disaster, we’ve been bringing you facts and information that BP and its minions have been trying to cover up.  We’ve also been trying to warn the EPA and Coast Guard about the dangers of Corexit as utilized… and been shut down, stalled off and stonewalled all along.  Now we see that Anderson Cooper and CNN haven’t fared any better than we have. 

The people we contact at the Gulf coast talk about people being sickened — lots  of them.  They talk about bodies of oil-soaked dead dolphins piled up, waiting to be burned before cameras and news crews can get those images out.  They tell us about BP setting fire (“flaring”) the surface of the ocean, refusing to allow turtle rescuers to scoop up live victims before they ignite the surface oil.  Yes, that’s right, endangered species amongst them, they’re burning these creatures alive, rather than let rescuers go in and get them! Read more