Plastiki Completes 8,000 Mile Voyage!

The Plastiki, a 60’x20′ catamaran made of some 125,000 recycled plastic bottles, has completed her journey from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia. Skippered by Jo Royle, a well know British sailor, this extraordinary vessel’s crew included David De Rothschild, young heir to one of the largest wealths in Europe. The point of the vessel’s creation and journey was to raise awareness of plastics and how they’re fouling our planet. Cudos to all involved in this amazing and educational project!

The vessel included a number of extraordinary new technologies, including bicycle power generation, and a trailing turbine.  More innovative, of course, was the use of those plastic bottles.  Both of those amas (floats) are constructed of them!

Made of recycled plastic bottles!

We’re not often impressed with a website.  The Plastiki’s site is a marked exception!  Be sure to check out Explore the Plastiki for an in-depth look at both the vessel and the technologies, along with a worthwhile education on the cause itself.

If you’ve been following us a while here at Protect The Ocean, you know that we’ve been reporting about the Garbage Patch for years now.  In an accounting of the journey, David shared “Right out in the middle of nowhere as far from humanity as almost possible and right there in front of my very eyes were flecks of red and white Plastic floating in the light layer of the Ocean.”  Since we brought the story of the plastics out there to your attention, the trash in the gyr has continued to grow.  It’s now at least TWICE the size of Texas, and sprawling more all the time!  This horrible truth may be one of the worst secrets of our modern era.  Tucked away, conveniently unseen as it is out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this trash poses a real and serious danger to both marine life and our own health and well-being.  As it photo-degrades, it becomes ever more toxic, because the plastic gains ever greater surface area at which to leak its toxicity.  Needless to say, it’s not going to go away by itself.

Protect The Ocean would like to congratulate the skipper, crew and everyone else involved in Plastiki’s success!  Be sure to check out their site!  Remember: By protecting the ocean, we give health and life to ourselves!

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