Oh Impotent We!

Protect The Ocean began writing about (and campaigning against) the use of Corexit within 2 days of BP’s use of it.  Corexit is the real culprit, you see, far more deadly than the oil itself, and the plot far more nefarious than most expect.  The use of Corexit was calculated, both in advance (as their unofficial Contingency Plan) and as the containment attempts and cleanups began.
Corexit had been banned in the UK for a decade already.  Accordingly British Petroleum knew good and well that  the results of using Corexit would not be good.  But it goes further than that.  The head of Nalco (which sells Corexit) used to be on the board of BP. When oil was soaking the Gulf’s shores, other less toxic agents were offered up.  BP categorically decline each and every one of them, continuing to stick with their cronie’s product.  Amongst the results was that they paid one of their own nearly $30 a gallon for 1.4 MILLION gallons (some say more like 2 million gallons, eventually,) of the lethal stuff.
The toxicology reports on Corexit were provided by Exxon Biologicals many years ago.  Since Exxon was the company that developed Corexit in teh first place, their reports are decidedly suspect. But it doesn’t stop there. Corexit is a gift that keeps on killing.  The “2.6 million PPM is lethal to fish fry in 96 hours” is a convenient understatement.  Exponentially smaller concentrations are lethal in 2 weeks. It’s fair to say that Corexit is still killing to this day, as we round on the end of the second year since the noxious chemicals were put into the Gulf waters in efforts to sweep the oil under the rug, per se.
The toll keeps rising. The shrimp harvest is abysmal. More telling, though, are the 500+ dolphins that have died since this last spring (and it’s the first week of December, 2011 as I write this now.) At first, it was the newborns and still-borns, dead babies which would have been conceived about the time of the spill a year before, washed up on the shores dead, dying in at least 10 times the usual numbers. Then the adults began washing up on the shore, likewise dead. And that’s just the bodies that made it to shore. The ocean and her inhabitants waste little, so many of the corpses may never have even arrived; The corpses of those species which live further offshore likely never made it as far as the beaches, so their deaths weren’t included in the count. The calculated cover-up is a lot bigger as well.
Within a few days of my assessment, I contacted Louie Psyhoyos, director of The Cove, with my findings. He tried to get the NY Times to pay attention to it, with no luck.  During that time, I was phoning the Coast Guard, the EPA and BP 3 times a day.  Each of these would point to the other, in an endless circle.  Not one phone call was ever returned… but still we kept on trying, because far too much was at stake to stop.  A month later, Wired finally pick up on our reports and let the world in on the bigger, darker secret that BP and the EPA had been hiding.
Lisa Jackson is not without blame either, as she directly violated the Clean Water Act — the very act that her agency, the EPA, was formed to enforce! The Act specifically prohibits the dispersal of ANY agent unless there is reasonable knowledge of the impact of that chemical. Corexit was only ever approved for use at shore, at surface, and even then under very specific means of application. It was decidedly NOT approved to be infused at 5000 below surface (133 atmospheres) and in near-freezing temperatures, where its properties were very different. At the time of the infusions, BP claimed to not know what the results would be… which means that Lisa Jackson would have been prohibited from issuing permission to use it. BP was lying, of course. They were intending to sink the oil, so they wouldn’t have to pay for its cleanup and the fines of $1000-$4000 per barrel for having lost it in the first place.
The oil and Corexit are still there, lying on the floor of the Gulf, slowly sliding towards a 14,000 ft. deep trench full of unknown wonders that the world may never see, because the toxic concoction kills off all life in that trench.  And what of the shrimp, the dolphins, the manta rays, the whale sharks, and the people who live along the shores of that water — people who still suffer from the ill affects of just being near the water?
Wait, though… we’re not quite through.  Within this year, BP’s bean-counters announced their tax credit of $10B (from the losses they sustained).   That’s just about what they were expected to repay the US government for expenses on their behalf. Ain’t it an amazing coincidence?  They’re getting a tax break for the same sum!
The Gulf of Mexico and its inhabitants have been violently raped.  We The People have been used very badly by a foreign corporation.  One would think our government would know that granting BP any more wells is a bad idea… but apparently not.  The final straw is that they sought — and got — permission to drill yet another offshore well.
BP, being a foreign-owned corporation, should have been made fully liable, then sent packing. US companies can drill for oil as well as a foreign one can.  Our own economy could use the profits.  So the wires should be melting with protests, right?  Well, no.  The announcement came, you see, a few people posted about it, and it was allowed to continue unchecked.  In light of the Gulf Spill itself, adding another well to the  3,000 already out there was almost anticlimactic.
Even after all the lies and abuses, we did literally nothing to stop them from drilling again.  What CAN we do, if They want to give BP permission to drill again?  We’re just lowly impotent peons, right?

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