Independent Lab Results: Gulf Beaches Are TOXIC!

BP and the government are trying to tell us that everything is fine, all is under control, and we should carry on, return to tourism, spending money and act as if nothing had really happened.  Luckily for us, there’s still the 1st Amendment. Despite best efforts on the part of BP and their underlings at the U.S. Coast Guard, the truth isn’t all being covered up.

A local news station wanted to know the truth.  So their investigative reporter went out and took samples of the water and sand from several locations.  The results are downright frightening!

If you’ve been following us, you’ll remember reading that Corexit’s own developers declared the dispersing solvent to be lethal to marine life at 2-3 parts per million.  Oil is toxic at 10 parts per million.   So what’s in the waters at the open beaches that kids are playing in and on?  You may want to sit down for this.

The BEST scores were about 16 parts per million — 8 times lethal levels of toxicity.  The worst tested results were over ONE HUNDRED TIMES AS TOXIC.  But that’s not quite all of it yet.  Water taken from near one of the floating barriers designed to contain the oil spill EXPLODED during testing!  The chemist at the lab said he wasn’t certain if it was the Corexit or methane that caused the explosion, but did say he’d need to test it by different methods, as the explosion had burned up the sample.  That’s not oil they’re testing.  That’s water that looks to be clear and clean when you look at a jar full of it.

Check out this video; see for yourself why you and your family and friends need to stay out of the water!

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