E.P.A. Violates Clean Water Act!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which predicated the Clean Water Act of 1972, has violated that very law.  In granting BP any sort of permission to utilize Corexit under the water and offshore, the EPA clearly exceeded its autonomy and mandate. We are calling for both BP and the EPA to be held accountable.  Protect The Ocean demands that all use of Corexit (or any other offshore use of any “dispersing agent” cease immediately.

Corexit was approved for a very specific purpose — coastal oil spill cleanup.  It was approved to be utilized in a very specific manner: sprayed (droplets, not mist) from airplanes or boats, over the oil slick.  The approval goes into very exact language as to how the product should be utilized, and even talks about mitigating possible consequence to the humans spraying the product.  It was NEVER cleared for deployment UNDER the water, nor offshore, nor at such depths.  Temperature, pressure and environment all come into play, and those factors cannot be ignored.  As a chemist, Lisa Jackson knew this… and yet she allowed BP to proceed.

Under the heading of Ocean Discharge Criteria, the law states that “(2) In any event where insufficient information exists on any proposed discharge to make a reasonable judgment on any of the guidelines established pursuant to this subsection no permit shall be issued under section 1342 of this title.”   It was clearly impossible to make a reasonable judgment.  BP and the EPA both acknowledged that they did not know what effect the solvents would have upon the ocean.  Therefore, they were specifically prohibited from giving permit or permission.

There is no other interpretation possible, no other way to say it but that Lisa Jackson and the EPA violated the law in allowing BP to utilize Corexit offshore and beneath the surface of the ocean.

Lisa Jackson, who has an education in chemical engineering and was been appointed head of the EPA by President Obama, most certainly should have known that the Clean Water Act specifically prohibits issuing a permit to use solvents in the open ocean without adequate knowledge of what that product may do.  Yet she told them they could use any product on the list.

We have been trying to get Mark Udall, the EPA and the Coast Guard to pay attention for weeks now, and been stonewalled at every step.  Now it is in your hands, fellow citizens, activists, people of the world.  Call them to task.  DEMAND that they stop the use of Corexit immediately, and obey the Clean Water Act and other applicable protections.  DO IT NOW.  Our oceans are in peril.  There is no time to waste.

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  1. Michael Benson says:

    What is the end game plan? Disperse the oil so the public wont be so alarmed to the travesty. The Genni is out of the bag- lets atmit to the failure and begin a coalition of oil companys as a group and get some results.If these companys wont cooperate , then any future permits will be denied. The body of water that is being dessimated and destroyed needs the worlds attention as this will forever be a reminder to those who use a petroleum base product of the cost that we shall all have to pay.


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