Corexit Disease — Bad And Getting Worse!

BoingBoing just posted an article sourced from Al Jazeera that confirms what we’ve been warning of (and reporting about): Corexit is causing people to become sick.  What’s more, it’s forming new ways to be dangerous, both in chemical compounds and the genetic mutations it creates.  Carla Mayes, a political activist contact of ours with close ties to people at the Gulf, has been keeping us abreast of the many reported cases of illness.  Now this, and it seems the soup just keeps on getting thicker!

One source, Naman, states “The dispersants are being added to the water and are causing chemical compounds to become water soluble, which is then given off into the air, so it is coming down as rain, in addition to being in the water and beaches of these areas of the Gulf.” The article goes on to state that “residents are reporting brown vomit, brown urine, copious diarrhea, skin rashes, sore throats and even internal hemorrhaging.” The number of cases is increasing, rather that declining.

Veteran RN Trisha Springstead told Al Jazeera “They have sore throats, respiratory problems, neurological problems, lesions, sores, and ulcers. These people have been poisoned and they are dying. Drugs aren’t going to help these people. They need to be detoxed.”

Meanwhile, the White House seems to be singing a country song, “That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.” Though their claims that 75% of the oil was miraculously evaporated were obviously inaccurate, they’ve yet to come back and address the issue. It’s as though they feel that since the oil leak has supposedly been plugged (what about the OTHER leaks?) that there is no longer an issue to be dealt with. Protect The Ocean continues to receive weekly BULL-etins from Deepwater Command Central with tedious rhetoric amounting to nothing. THe latest from them is that the State of Alabama’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and others are hosting a public meeting on November 11, 2010. The purpose? To explain to the Little People what methods they’re using to ASSESS the situation, and explain opportunities for public to help with clean-up. Don’t you feel better, knowing that they’re still busily assessing it? HOW ABOUT SOME ACTION? But to be fair, that’s at a state level. The Feds stopped DOING anything months ago.

We very much wish that we had better news, but the bottom line reality is that BP has soiled our waters, and nobody’s doing a damned thing about it. Meanwhile more people are getting sick and sicker, and nobody’s doing anything about THAT either.

Post Script: The Executive Order Recognizing the Gulf Coast as a national treasure, on October 5, 2010 President Obama issued an Executive Order creating the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force, continuing the Administration’s ongoing commitment to the region. The mission of the Task Force is to efficiently integrate Federal efforts with those of local stakeholders and state and tribal governments so as to better implement Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration and to facilitate appropriate accountability and support throughout the restoration process. The President’s Executive Order establishing the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force is available at http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2010/10/05/executive-order-gulf-coast-ecosystem-restoration-task-force

On November 8th, only a little over a month from the date of the above Executive Order (which is only God-knows-how-many months late in coming,) there will be the FIRST meeting, from 11:30am through 4:pm, in Pensacola, FL, of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force. Feel better yet?

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  1. Trisha Springstead RN says:

    I was at a meeting last evening at USF, I had asked for 5 minutes and I had photos of the skin and other horrific photos. The Sierra Club put on this “Dog and Phoney” show.
    They said “Write your questions on a note card and we will answer all questions?
    I asked, “what about people in morgues, People dying, a child died after putting his feet in the water.”
    In this 2 hour BS fest, there was one Scientist that was truly honest and said “WE do not know” what the long term effects are of this Corexit.
    A gentleman asked if the water was safe from the audience, I said, “With all Due Respect.”
    I was silenced by the Powers that be in that room. They never answered, nor did they care about the impact on humans. They never answered my question about the people who are dying.
    It was all about the revenues being lost by the state and all about the money.
    The whole time I was being watched by Phil Compton and his cronies.
    This was not a freedom of speech forum, it was well controlled and manipulated by the powers that be in that room.
    They spoke if the fish, coral, turtle eggs blah, blah, blah.
    Nothing about the human toll and the lives of Human Beings.
    As an advisor to, “The Barefoot Doctors” I was livid. We have most all of the footage, except when I walked out of that lie fest and blasted the illustrious PHd’s.
    Oh I am sure they will spin this one to be, that I was crazy, I was told by some sophomoric, student, BRAT to be quiet and I will never be quiet about the LIES we are being told.
    I don’t know this country anymore, it is not the country that I grew up loving.
    Stop studying plants right now and start putting the Human back in the equation. PEOPLE ARE DROPPING DEAD DOWN HERE.
    Trisha Springstead RN


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