BP, the Emperor, Has No Clothes! Obama, Take Charge!

For over a month now, BP has been tromping around with seeming impunity on our marshes, beaches and waters.  The oil giant has gone so far as to pay nothing more than lip service when the EPA finally ordered them to find something less toxic than Corexit.  We spoke with Bruce Gebhardt, with U.S. Poly., the manufacturers of Dispersit.  They were asked for a bid, basically how quickly they could deliver some product, and how quickly they could deliver over 50,000 gallons per day of their water-based dispersing agent.  Though Dispersit has been poised for just such an event, no order was placed.  An even less toxic agent that BP has already ordered, 100,000 gallons of Sea Brat, sits on a loading dock waiting for BP to take delivery.

Round after round of failed attempts to stop the leak have come to remind us more of a bunch of blundering boobs than professionals in an industry worth many billions of dollars a year.  Their scientists seem more like children with an erector set than anyone capable of a Worst Case Solution.  Most of you have seen the images coming in of the oil-soaked coastline.  Recent footage provided by Jacques Cousteau’s grandson shows us the suspended oil from below — looking EXACTLY as we here at Protect The Ocean have been warning about for over a month, to no avail.  BP has even somehow ordered reporters away from spill areas, disallowing photographs and videos under threat of arrest — on land they don’t own or rent , with Coast Guard assistance.

Time after time, point after point, BP has failed, in such epic proportions that no one can take them seriously anymore.  Time after time, point after point, they have failed to disclose the full truth to the U.S. government and the people of the U.S. and the world.   And yet they continue to flagrantly disregard the E.P.A., to move when and as they please, with immunity.  Even the most staunch government supporters must ask why it is that BP is being allowed to get away with this.

So far the answer is that it is their oil.  If it were their oil, it would be in their tanks instead of covering and saturating our oceans, beaches, and wetlands.  If it were their oil, it would be in a safe place, rather than poisoning marine creatures and polluting our air.  If it were their oil, it wouldn’t be laced with solvents that are making things worse.  It’s not their oil, it’s our planet!  Any right they had to that oil was gone when they lost control of it and started spewing it out.  Any credibility they had left when they injected solvents into the offshore waters, suspending the oil in ocean waters so that it wouldn’t make the shoreline and they wouldn’t have to be responsible for cleaning it up.

It’s apparent to anyone watching that BP is unable to handle the clean-up and may very well be unable to stop the oil from gushing out.  Realistic estimates suggest that nearly 50 million gallons of oil have been spewed out into the ocean, with more coming every day.  In her latest demonstration of the irrational calls for the EPA, Lisa Jackson told them to cut their use in half.  They have been instructed to stop spraying Corexit on the surface, but to continue to inject it below, even though that’s the more likely danger, and the untested application of the toxic solvent that BP keeps trying to call, “no more toxic than dish soap.”

The emperor has no clothes.  BP has had far more opportunities than any terrorist organization would have been afforded, and yet they continue to damage and destroy the southern U.S. borders, and threaten the entire world with the horrors they’ve unleashed from the depths.  It’s unfathomable why they would continue to make such poor and inconsiderate choices.   But it’s more than that now.

Oil Spill Contingency Plan: It’s time for President Obama to step in by executive order and topple this usurper to the throne.  The President must remove BP from any and all decision-making positions (and take Lisa Jackson with them) and get people in there who are more likely, more capable of getting the job done.  There are plenty of sound ideas left untried.  For starters, (and for the 40th time) why don’t they hook up a pipe to that valved pipe and relieve the pressure that way?  ALL of that oil would be going into a tanker, instead of just the 20% that their last hair-brained idea produced.

This is an “all hands on deck” situation.  Bring in resources, ideas and experts from everyone and everywhere.  All of the oil companies and ecological concerns should be involved.  This should have begun weeks ago, but BP was still playing god-emperor with our planet.  Speak out, people!  Let the government know — in a loud and clear voice — that we will not tolerate BP’s running the show down there any longer.  Tell them to take assertive action to resolve the situation and assure the best possible clean-up results.   Tell them to DO SOMETHING!  Give ’em our number if they’d like some functional suggestions.

Do you have an oil spill cleanup method or idea? Over 20,000 ideas have been sent to the BP hotline. How many have been reviewed or implemented? Not one that we have heard of. If you would like to call with an idea the number is: +1 281 366 5511 BTW – BP is not picking up the tab for your phone call either….


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  1. Lou Cassise says:

    We, CM West (www.CMWest.us) – Construction Manager & Professional Engineer, are willing to take a lead in cleaning-up the oil spill that has reached the beach areas; and, we will do so on a non-profit basis. We will organize the manpower, equipment, and technologies to get the job done expeditiously.

    Let us know how we can work in concert to accomplish the foregoing.


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