presents Together! Check out this short masterpiece!

Just can’t say enough good about these guys. They truly get it, understand that we are one part of the world, not its purpose for existence.

“When we humans use our big brains, not to dominate the world around us, but to live in ever increasing harmony with the natural web from which we were born and on which we depend, then our intelligence will be proved. ” — Benjamin Harley, producer of Together.

“We only work with wild dolphins in the open ocean on the dolphins‘ terms; we understand that we are visitors in their home. Integrating our training as dancers with the most current scientific information about dolphin behavior, we engage the dolphins in creative play, and we dance ‘Together’.”

Only together can we grow and evolve. Together, dolphins and humans, we can make a difference.

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More Deadly Gulf Lies – About Seafood This Time

The “Gulf Science Monitor” (Issue 6) recently delivered this gem into my Protect The Ocean email inbox. It claims that NOAA and the FDA have developed a new test to detect Corexit in seafood. According to the email and report, all the seafood in reopened waters is safe to eat. How can I tell they’re lying to me? THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING!

Corexit was reported to be lethal to fish fry at just 2.6 ppm over 96 hours. Yet in the second paragraph in the Gulf Science Monitor announcement, they claim that 100 ppm is safe for finfish, but 500 PPM is safe for shrimp, crabs and oysters. WHAT?! Maybe they think we’re five times as stupid. The U.S. government now claims that 50 times that concentration is safe for people who eat finfish, and 250 times that is supposedly safe for those who eat shrimp? I don’t believe it, people — not for a minute! Read more