Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) Interview

Most of you know by now that the International Justice court in The Hague recently ruled in favor of Australia and New Zealand, and against Japan regarding the killing of whales under the guise of “Research.”   Bill Maher’s subsequent interview with Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, was expected to be spent talking about the decision.   A few minutes were spent on that, but within the following video, they went a lot further.  No one to date has ever done such a fine, eloquent and concise job of describing the state of the oceans and the consequences of continuing to do things as we’ve been doing them.

Yes, you heard him correctly, and he’s right.  The ocean will likely be dead by 2048… and, as is our slogan, as go the oceans, so go we.  Premier leaders all agree.  As Dr. Sylvia Earle said, even if you never set eyes on the ocean, never touch a toe in those waters, they still affect you with every breath you take.

Do take this seriously, friends.  Share it far and wide.  If we don’t control ourselves, don’t put a rapid end to our polluting, Climate Change WILL take us out, and all the other amazing, wonderful beings, our fellow earthlings, will die with us, because of us.  It is not too late, but there is NO time to waste!

A Human Issue

It is often said that the killing of dolphins in Taiji and whales in Antarctic waters is a matter for the Japanese to handle.  Similarly, the Danes say that the people of the Faroe Islands must decide to stop killing pilot “whales” (which are actually large dolphins).  These may seem apt excuses, and may even seem to make sense, given a perfunctory glance.  But such boundaries and distinctions are artificial, man-made, and ultimately invalid.

This is the amazing transformation performed by whaling

Whaling turns this majestic being into this corpse, and they don't even need the meat.

The killing of dolphins and whales is not a matter of national sovereignty, any more than human rights are a state-by-state issue.  This is a HUMAN behavior; humans are doing these killings, so it is up to we humans to police ourselves, regardless of what nationality those humans may give themselves.  Wherever such slaughters may be happening, it is up to fellow humans to stop it.

Just as we oppose slavery, torture and murders put upon fellow humans, we must fight against slavery, torture and killings done by fellow humans.  Similarly, it is incumbent upon us, it is our obligation, to stop humans from polluting and destroying the oceans, no matter where they may be while doing so.

When China’s manufacturing pours toxic chemicals into the rivers that eventually dump those chemicals into the sea, we have permitted it by not stopping it.  In fact, we have endorsed it (a little at a time) by buying those products made in that filthy fashion.  We may not like having such a responsibility thrust upon us, but the plain truth is that when we do not  do everything within our power to stop it, we become culpable as well.

If someone were to set up a floating base in the middle of the Pacific, far from any nation’s boundaries, and begin pouring acid into the waters there, would we allow it?  Do we allow humans to develop or discharge nuclear weapons as we please?  There is ample precedent; we have both the right and obligation to control ourselves, our fellow humans.  Our destruction of the oceans’ waters and her inhabitants is not a national issue.  It is a human issue, and it is up to us to fight it — tooth and nail — wherever it may occur.

Proof that Japanese Intentionally Rammed the Ady Gil

The video below provides clear proof that the Ady Gil was run over by intent.  

Right now Pete Bethune, the captain of that vessel, a New Zealand citizen, is being held by the Japanese government, under trial for boarding the vessel to demand that the captain pay for the ship and answer to charges against him.  Clearly the Ady Gil’s captain was no threat with so many Japanese crew on board.  Yet they took him prisoner and sailed back to Japan with him. [Read more…]