What One Man Can Do

What One Man Can Do — Rhett Butler’s Rainforest A Global Triumph!

The ocean is the single largest supplier of oxygen for our planet.  Right behind it are the rainforests, which have also come under insurmountable pressures in this modern age.  Machines are made which can cut down hundreds of acres of hardwood forest in an hour, and short-sighted people are eager for the money that can get them — so much so that they’re willing to strip the richly diverse, spectacular rainforests to get that cash.  Amidst an ocean of profiteering, one man stood up and refused to allow the rainforests to succumb.  That man is Rhett Butler (yes, really) and we salute him.

Armed with little more than a love for nature , an education and determination, Rhett managed to turn the tide in Madagascar, and is still making a difference in Borneo.  In many ways, we here at PTO are kindred spirits with this warrior.  He proves conclusively that love is the most powerful force in the universe.  His own love for the amazing and incomparable beauties and wonders found in the rainforests has allowed him to overcome obstacles as big as powerful multi-national corporations and their greed.  What’s more, through, he has reawakened the people’s own love of their lands and country, inspired them to take back those lands for themselves as well as future generations. Read more