Gulf Oil Spill: BP Intentionally Commiting Felonies Under EPA’s Nose?

The dumping of solvents into the ocean is a federal offense.  It’s likely also against state laws.  If anyone else was to dump just a barrel or two of noxious solvents into the Gulf, they’d be led off in handcuffs.  So why is are the EPA and Coast Guard letting them get away with pouring so many thousands of gallons of it every day?

Yesterday, BP announced that they are resuming injecting dispersing solvents into the oil stream in the depths of this disaster.  They still have not satisfied ANY of the inquiries regarding toxicity.  They have yet to explain why they are not utilizing Dispersit, which is a water-based alternative with far lower toxicity.  They have yet to justify trying to “bury” their financial responsibility by “dispersing” the toxic oil throughout the ocean waters, instead of letting it come to shore where it can THEN be cleaned up.  But they’re going to go back to using Exxon’s 9500, which we KNOW is highly toxic and noxious.  9500 causes damage to a human’s Central Nervous System (amongst the many effects of the oil-based solvent.)  Why are we allowing them to continue to use this stuff?  Just because some bureaucrat approved it two decades ago?! Read more


Gulf Oil Spill: Oil Hits The Shores, Dome Removed, the Avalanche of Oil Continues

Just as the spill arrived at the shoreline yesterday soaking all in its path with thick vile toxic goo, BP puts its Containment Dome in place, and it began to look like perhaps the first chapter in this terrible tale was coming to an end. With the oil at the shoreline, at least we could begin to soak and wipe and vacuum it up, a much better idea than “dispersing” its lethal contents throughout the oceans. With the dome dropped 5,000 feet to the ocean’s floor, some of us thought that perhaps that was the last we’d see of the oil from this rig’s disaster. It would seem the lesson is not quite over yet. Read more


Gulf Oil Spill: BP Now Claims Dispersal Solvent Renders Oil Biodegradable!

At this point, BP’s statements are starting to sound like a snide old joke: How can you tell when a BP rep is lying? His lips are moving!

First they misinformed the public about how much oil was leaking. Then they mislead us about the solvents. Then they said the solvents weren’t harmful, but they were going to stop using them under the ocean… but they’re not harmful or anything, of course. (See our earlier post for the fact that the solvents are 4 times as toxic as the oil itself is.) Now they’re looking at the stuff beginning to wash up, seeing it with the naked eye, and spinning the story again! The latest fantastic claim is that the dispersing agent renders the oil naturally degradable!

ABC reports that “near the Chandeleur Islands, a remote chain of barrier islands in Eastern Louisiana, a different kind of man-made disaster could be seen mixed in the surf today… traveled to the islands today and saw a layer of brown slime carpeting the water. The slime, which is not as thick as oil, is thought to be the chemical dispersant that had been pumped down to the site of the leak to break up the oil before it reached the surface.” Read more