Gulf Oil Spill: Oil Hits The Shores, Dome Removed, the Avalanche of Oil Continues

Just as the spill arrived at the shoreline yesterday soaking all in its path with thick vile toxic goo, BP puts its Containment Dome in place, and it began to look like perhaps the first chapter in this terrible tale was coming to an end. With the oil at the shoreline, at least we could begin to soak and wipe and vacuum it up, a much better idea than “dispersing” its lethal contents throughout the oceans. With the dome dropped 5,000 feet to the ocean’s floor, some of us thought that perhaps that was the last we’d see of the oil from this rig’s disaster. It would seem the lesson is not quite over yet. Read more

Gulf Oil Spill: Point By Point, An Alternative Perspective

With the President’s visit to the Gulf Coast yesterday, it seems more of the U.S. has begun taking the Gulf Oil Spill seriously.  People are getting excited, waxing political, and suggesting solutions.  Some of those solutions are downright frightening, making us glad that person isn’t in charge of the response to the situation.  Here are some points to consider.  We welcome your thoughts and opinions, whether you agree or disagree.

1) The use of underwater dispersal agents has to stop IMMEDIATELY.  BP is trying to do an “out of sight, out of mind” tactic. The oil spill is just as toxic on the ocean’s floor, but it’s a mile or more beneath the surface that way.

The rest of these are presented in no particular order: Read more