One Man Beach Clean Up in Maine

Thanks to Harold in Maine for sharing his project with Protect the Ocean. Make sure to visit his blog!

Once a week I troll two sections of my local beach, picking up any and all man-made bits of flotsam & trash that I find. One section is busier in-season; the other section is farther away from the crowds. I clean, catalog, and report on what’s there in my blog. Along the way, if something pops out, I learn about it, and share what I’ve discovered.

And what I’ve discovered is that even in quiet, serene southern Maine there is a ghastly marine plastic pollution problem.

It’s such a beautiful world. It should stay that way. Hopefully I’m doing my small part to bring awareness & help out.

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Ocean Beach Cleanup Schedule

Ocean Beach cleanup happens on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, 10 AM – Noon every month. For additional details visit

2010 Cleanup Schedule
Note: Some Sunday dates have
changed due to holidays.
Noriega April 11
Stairwell 17 April 18
Santiago May 2
Stairwell 17 May 23
Sloat June 6
Stairwell 17 June 20
Kelly’s Cove July 11
Stairwell 17 July 18
Judah August 1
Stairwell 17 August 15
Noriega September 12
Stairwell 17 September 19
Santiago October 3
Stairwell 17 October 17
Sloat November 7
Stairwell 17 November 21
Kelly’s Cove December 5
Stairwell 17 December 19

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