Juvenal Sperm Whale Beaches in San Diego

A young Sperm Whale beached late Sunday evening on Torrey Pines Beach in La Jolla, California, just a couple of miles from the Protect the Oceans San Diego office.

The report came in around 9:30pm, and a response team from Seaworld Animal Rescue arrived on the scene quickly. The crew of about 20 members including veterinarians worked to re-float the whale, identified as a juvenal sperm whale that measured around 18 feet in length, with an estimated weight of 3,000 pounds.

The whale was treated for minor abrasions with antibiotic injections and successfully moved into deeper water around 1:30am. The Seaworld volunteers reported moving the whale about ¼ mile offshore where it was able to swim away.

A veterinarian on the team was quoted as saying, “The whale may have beached itself because of being lost or sick.” If the whale is indeed sick there is a strong possibility that it will re-beach. It is not know exactly way whales beach themselves. This is the first reported beaching of a Sperm Whale in San Diego in over 25 years.

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  1. John Taylor says:

    I’m glad to see that this baby whale was refloated. For far too long, standing US policy was to presume that the cetacean would die anyway and “euthanize” immediately. In the case of larger cetaceans, this often involved putting explosives around its head and blowing the whale up (and no, this isn’t distant past, this is within the past year or so.) Guessing that SW realized a sperm whale would be too big to fit in their tanks. 😛


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