Selfishly Clinging to Doubts of Global Warming

Amazing though it seems, there are still many people — far too many — who choose to believe that Global Warming doesn’t exist. Firing upon the messenger, such statements are often attached to harsh comments about former Vice-President Al Gore. In a time when overwhelming evidence supports these global changes, it’s distressing to see so many people continuing to cling to their outdated perspectives.

The bleaching of coral reefs is not a fabrication. The heightened water temperatures are not fabrication. Myriad signs of changes within the earth oceans are there for all to see, the miner’s canary stumbling off its perch, and yet some people prefer to bury their heads in the sand, rather than to pitch in and take part in changing our ways, for our own sake.

What’s at the heart of this? What motives these Doubting Thomas types? Are they so jaded and distrustful that they prefer to take direction from scientists with their own axes to grind? Even if one had reason to suspect the data or conclusions, it would be foolish to risk being wrong on something this colossal… yet that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Not all are knee-jerk Conservatives, either. Far too many still choose to buy and drive huge gas-guzzlers, even when it’s only hauling the driver. Gas is well below $2 a gallon, and some feel they’re entitled to burn the gas, since they’re affording it. That may seem a sound rationale at first glance. In reality, they’re affecting us all, and not just in the pollution itself. By consuming more gasoline, they drive up demand, which keeps up prices. So when they fill up their tanks, their raising the price of gas for everyone else at the same time.

It’s easy to wonder just what, exactly, these people would consider adequate sign to bring them to change their ways. Does it require a message from God, written in ancient Aramaic? Even then, these doubters would find excuse to question the authenticity.

When it comes down to the bottom line, people are either willing to make efforts to reduce our damage to the earth’s ecology, or they’re too selfish to be bothered. These Doubters seem all the more determined to be wasteful when confronted with alternative vehicles, power sources, etc. We invite them to take their self-destructive neurosis elsewhere.

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  1. Can Crusher · says:

    global warming is a disaster that we should avoid at all cost but i am afraid that we are too late already “”


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