Politicians Yammer In Lieu of Solution

Yammer In Lieu of Solution; Obama & Jindal: a Matched Set, Palin Chimes in on Overtime

President Obama will be addressing the nation from the Oval Office, apparently as an attempt to show that he takes the situation as one of great gravity.  He has visited the Gulf three or four times now.  I’m sure his visits contribute greatly to the clean-up efforts.

Then there’s good ole Bobby Jindal who, filled with righteous indignation, bemoans the fate of his fair state at the hands of BP’s inept response… and then complains loudly that Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling will hurt Louisiana’s job market.  Schizophrenic much, Bobby?  Or is that just a politician’s parlor trick, speaking something different out of each side of the mouth at the same time?  News flash, Governor: The oil money you’re so deadset on pursuing is what caused that disaster in the first place.  Now you want more of it?  Who are you trying to kid?

Sarah Palin is sticking her snout into it as well.  Fox News actually still calls her “Governor Palin,” even though she resigned under dubious circumstances before finishing out her first term of office.  She’s got an opinion because, well gee, after all, she comes from a state where oil is gotten.  Sarah, honey, none of us has forgotten your “Drill, Baby, Drill.”  Now you want to claim it was the over-regulation that caused the spill, baby, spill?  Seems pretty obvious (to anyone with more than 3 grey cells between the ears,) that corporate capitalist greed is what caused the failure, NOT government oversight.  In fact, even EPA’s allowing of Corexit wasn’t MORE government interference, it was less.  But nobody wants to look at that pink elephant in the living room any more than they want to tell you your few minutes of fame should have run out about the time that your running mate conceded defeat… or a few months earlier, if he’d been lucky.

And so it goes, one snout after another sticking their two cents in, making an appearance, acting concerned.  The President is expected to give us a song that sounds a lot like the one about the economy: It will get better, but it’s not going to be quick or easy.  (Gee, Mr. President, ya THINK?) But not one of these “leaders” has led anything or anyone anywhere.  Quite the opposite, despite claims to the contrary, the ones running the show have been led about by the rings in their snouts.  Meanwhile, BP continues to do the flim-flam-sham, handing us one line of bull after another, blocking the news, blocking the press from even taking photographs of the devastation, and continuing to tell us they’ll be responsible — as they pay out dividends to stockholders.

Obama, Jindal, Palin… who needs ’em?  They’re doing less than nothing.  Latest word from the Gulf is that clean-up efforts are a hodgepodge mishmash, a bunch of people running around aimlessly, uncoordinated and unsuccessful.  Meanwhile, private interests who are willing and capable and offering help are being turned away.  Nations that are offering help are being turned away.  And the longstanding Water Conservation Act that the EPA is supposed to be enforcing has been shoved under the bus at BP’s direction.

There’s an old expression: Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.  Mr. President, Governor, Ms. Palin, et al, you’ve demonstrated that you can’t lead, and we don’t need you to follow.  So do our oceans a favor and get the hell out of the way.

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