Pick Up Your Dogs Crap!

I really hate it when I see a dog owner leave their pooch’s crap pile. It makes me wonder … Are they stupid, insensitive, selfish, lazy, or maybe they just don’t give a shit care? Beyond the common sense courtesy, there is the environment to consider.

Water pollution source studies of the water pollution caused by fecal waste in the USA found that about 20 percent of it comes from pets and dogs. Pet waste is carried by water runoff into our storm drains. These drains generally empty into the nearest body of water, usually a stream, river, or the ocean without any treatment. This means that dog waste and other pollutants left on the grass, on the street, or placed in storm drains, will get washed into our watersheds when rain falls. Our oceans, rivers and streams are areas of recreation, boating and fishing and contribute to our drinking water sources.

One day’s worth of feces from a single large dog can contain 7.8 million fecal coliform bacteria. Multiply that times the estimated 73 million owned dogs in the United States, and we are talking about a lot of toxic pollution. Why is dog waste a problem? Scientific evidence has shown dog waste to be a significant source of water pollution because it contains such a high concentration of nutrients as well as bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms. Within urban environments, it isn’t filtered in natural fashion, but goes directly into our water sources.

Even without that aspect, feces left lying around are a major disease vector, for humans and animals alike. They also act as breeding grounds for flies which carry diseases on their feet. Any way you look at it, leaving doggy-do-do on the ground is dirty business.

Here’s how to remove dog waste from the water pollution equation:

BRING IT—Always carry a disposal bag when you walk your dog. So that you’re never without, carry grocery or newspaper bags in your purse, pocket or car. That’s one good use for the bag, a way to recycle it right there at your home.

BAG IT — Use the bag as a glove to pick up pet waste. Scoop up the waste and turn the bag inside out around the waste.

DISPOSE IT! — Properly dispose of pet waste by placing it in a trash can or flushing it, unbagged, down the toilet. Wastewater from our sewers is normally processed before being put back into the environment.

So next time you take your dog outside, make sure you clean-up after him too. It’s such a simple and courteous thing to do, and such an easy way to make a difference for people, pets and aquatic life. Learn to keep pets safe from chemicals.

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  1. Elena says:

    Hi , I very like your article. I also very mad and upset that dogs allowed on the beach. it is also pollution to the ocean ( from dogs hair also ). What do you think about it? I would like be to stop it and give the beaches to humans to enjoy.
    With respect.

  2. donna says:

    So you are suggesting that we produce 73,000,000 plastic poop bags and that we flush 73,000,000 lbs of dog shit down our toilets each day — feces produced from the digestive tracts of 73,000,000 dogs eating at least 73,000,000 pounds of food which comes mainly from crops that destroy all competing wildlife including birds and insects.

    I’m not sure poop scooping is the answer. How about we reduce dog population by 2/3rds.

  3. James McCaffrey says:

    The sidewalks of Brookly are a dog toilet. Create a DNA databse of dog DNA so the filthy, lazy slobs who won’t pick up, or lick up, after their four legged shit factories can get a nice, stiff fine. Limit ownership to one dog per family. The money wasted on fat,lazy,useless,nasty filthy mutts could be saved up for your old age or spent on your kids, the future of America(not shithounds). Furry feces machines won’t pay into the Social Security or Medicare system, or continue American civilization.

    • Kay says:

      WOW… just come to Florida and you can SWIM IN IT everywhere you go!
      People bring thier dogs from all over the country to SHAT on our beautiful beaches!!
      YA’LL COME ON DOWN and enjoy!

  4. James says:

    If you want to enjoy beaches free of dogs and their shit and piss, make democracy work for you. Don’t bother writing to your stupid politicians. Collect signatures to put a Dog DNA Database on the referendum, for a direct vote by the voters on election Day. Also legislation banning them from beaches and parks. Dogs aren’t citizens(they aren’t even human). Therefore, they don’t have any civil rights to use beaches and parks. Useful,,productive animals, such as cows, sheep,,pigs, chickens don’t go to beaches. So, why should mutts/ Most don’t do any work. They contribute very little to this world. Nobody told anyone to get a dog. it was his/her own deision. So, why the hell should people who don’t own them have to put up with their unwelcome, unwanted presence at beaches or parks/ their very presence, and the presence of their feces and urine, make a beach or park less pleasant, enjoyable, safe, clean. Beaches and parks are for people. If your mutt needs exercise, exercise it in your yard, or on a treadmill. Or, don’t get one! Save the money for your old age. Many countries on this earth get along quite well without millions of viscious, nasty, inbred, diseased, obese, lazy, useless, troublesome, destructive,annoying, costly, barking, biting, shitting, pissing mutts.


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