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Ocean Champions, Part One

These days, Sea Shepherd is getting a lot of press.  Whale Wars, a cable TV show, has turned Paul Watson into the oceanic Superman.  But while he’s basking in the limelight, there are many other champions of the oceans, people who have been working quietly outside of the limelight.  These heroes have gone largely unsung.  Protect The Ocean is pleased to bring some of them to your attention here.  If it’s well-received, other Parts will follow.

Topping off our list is Sylvia Earle, who was a recent recipient of a TED award.  You won’t want to miss this very moving and informative acceptance speech:

Another of our favorite people is Dr. Diana Reiss. With a PhD in Psych., she has been quietly pursuing cetacean communications for many years, working alongside such unsung giants as Dr. Louis Herman (University of Hawaii). Diana joined us in a conference call earlier today. Once again, we were humbled by her knowledge and understanding, and her willingness to help and share.

Another hero is Mr. Ady Gil. A well known name in Hollywood, and an avowed animal rights activist, Ady was the sponsor of the Earthrace vessel named after him, the same boat that was destroyed by a Japanese whaling vessel. Ady continues to be an unstoppable giving soul, opening his beautiful home for parties and fundraisers, involving himself in many ways all over the globe, working to make this world a better place for all living beings. We can’t begin to thank him enough for his warmth and selfless spirit. This year, Ady formalized his efforts in the Ady Gil World Conservation organization.

It would be impossible to think of the Ady Gil without thinking of Pete Bethune, her last skipper. Pete’s courage and willingness to risk both his life and his freedom in order to get the message out, to save the lives of dolphins and whales, is exemplary. More than that, Pete’s a very down-to-earth fellow. No airs to him, even with all the celebrity. We’re pleased to know him, and count him amongst our allies. Pete has a book out (Whale Warrior) and a new organization as well. Now separated from Sea Shepherd, he started the Earthrace Conservation Organization (ECO). We look forward to great things from him in the Faroe Islands as well as the Antarctic oceans, protecting dolphins and whales just as he did with Sea Shepherd.

As time allows, we’ll bring forward other Ocean Champions, if people are interested in knowing. So comment, let us know? Thanks!

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