Letherback Sea Turtle and Mega-Resorts

Leatherback turtles like the one seen here live at least 150 years, mature at 6 feet in length, can dive over half a mile deep, and can weigh as much as a VW bug! They eat jellyfish, and have been around since before the dinosaur. Development of beaches which disregards their importance is a major threat, as it breaks the precious chain of life for these gentle giants. Mega-resorts are not particularly ecologically conscious. Not only do they take over, rather than blend in with the natural environment, but they often alter the beach so that Leatherbacks and other natural life are unable to return to their ancestral homes to reproduce.

The subject bill would provide for a corridor, promoting ecologically sound tourism (eco-tourism) rather than Mega-Resorts in Puerto Rico (which is a U.S. territory). This bill could do much to save the endangered Leatherback Sea Turtle, but is being pushed aside in favor of more “important” matters. Unfortunately, an ecosystem does not go on hold along with its paperwork.

An Open Letter to the House of Representatives:

The natural world does not run alongside mankind’s clocks and schedules. While we appreciate that the legislature may be busy tending to other very important matters, this one ecological concern is a no-brainer, separate of partisan aspects, and is crucial to the survival of these turtles. The threat to their survival is very real, and without prompt action to protect their primary natural breeding ground, the endangered Leatherback Sea Turtle (and a wealth of other species which make their home there) could realistically be gone from the earth within our lifetime. No one who has ever seen these majestic creatures in their element would want them to pass from existence. Without your help, the Leatherback Sea Turtle may be no more than a vague reference to our children, grandchildren, and all the generations to come. Extinct is forever.

I urge your support, and ask you to help the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s government to approve House Bill 2105. This bill will designate the Northeast Ecological Corridor (NEC) as a nature reserve and promote its sustainable development as an ecotourism destination.

(Learn more about the NEC, and send a letter to the government at Surfrider)

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