Proof that Japanese Intentionally Rammed the Ady Gil

The video below provides clear proof that the Ady Gil was run over by intent.  

Right now Pete Bethune, the captain of that vessel, a New Zealand citizen, is being held by the Japanese government, under trial for boarding the vessel to demand that the captain pay for the ship and answer to charges against him.  Clearly the Ady Gil’s captain was no threat with so many Japanese crew on board.  Yet they took him prisoner and sailed back to Japan with him.

First the Japanese commit whaling violations, killing whales against IWC regulations for decades under the thin guise of Research.  The world at large ignores this.  Finally Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd begins taking them on themselves, because the rest of the world is turning a blind eye.

That the Japanese aren’t up on charges is already an insult to justice.  Finally Australia getting serious about taking them to task for hunting whales in the Antarctic.  Finally the Kiwis are considering defending Pete Bethune, who is one of their citizens, effectively kidnapped by the Japanese vessel’s captain.   How much longer will it take for the rest of the world to demand that they stop their brutal and criminal slaughter of whales and dolphins?

It’s literally worthy of ridicule that Sea Shepherd should have to exist in the first place.  Now President Obama is pushing a hair-brained scheme that would repeal the ban on whaling for a period of years before phasing it out altogether?  Just remove the whaler’s ability to make a profit from the kills and the “Research” will stop immediately… or call them out on the Research trick and tell them we’re imposing economic sanctions until they stop.   Or just do the right thing and send U.S. battleships out there to ensure that no more whales or dolphins are killed this way.   It’s a reasonably safe bet that Japan isn’t willing to wage war with the United States again for the whalers’ sake.  They should be able to remember what happened last time they got too big for their britches.

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  1. Dave says:

    What America do you live where we would consider doing the right thing if there is no $ to make it worth our whilea Let alone send battleships to defend dolphins and whales.. against Japan of all nations.

    Also, it is not uncommon for people to get angry with pricks trying to prevent them from doing their job.

    Sorry for my tone.. I just don’t get why these sea mammals get so much attention when the ENTIRE planet is being raped.

  2. Art says:

    You don’t get it Dave… you just don’t. No country out there is willing to enforce international law in international seas, so I’m damn happy someone’s doing it. Humans have already ridiculously overpopulated the earth, yet we continue to demand that one country has the right (whether they’re our allies or not) to pardon crimes against international law, and THIS in particular… this was an obvious, nefarious attempt to KILL people. There’s a big difference between throwing rotten butter and ramming a ship 20 miles out in the Antarctic. We can see that this isn’t just Americans… it’s the Australians, British, Americans, Canadians, South Africans. Don’t try to make out the Sea Shepard as solely an “American” venture. This year there were three boats out there, each year there will be more and more, and the more the Japanese try to spread their lies, and try to kill people, the more angry others will get until we see some pirates come around and teach the Japanese what REAL terrorism is about–bombing, killing, shooting… Then maybe they’ll understand the difference. You’re so full of crap. Yes, the planet is getting raped, I’m with ya. And EVERYONE is wrong for doing it. That doesn’t make the Japanese RIGHT!

  3. Mark Trey says:

    Here is a chance for Washington to do something right. Washington can’t control it’s traffic, crime, AIDS epidemic or even remove its’ snow effectively. But here are Whales who did nothing wrong dying at the hands of monsters whose only excuse is that they come from a country where the citizens have a taste for whale meat. Some think the US did the right thing in 1945 to stop them. This behavior needs to be stopped. Whatever it takes….boycott of Japanese goods, battleships, torpedo or whatever. Remember Moby Dick sunk the offending ship. But these ships are steel. The Southern Ocean runs red with their blood. They need help.Why should these evil bastards be allowed to continue because Japanese Chefs think they taste good. We don’t permit cannibalism just because someone thinks Japanese taste good.

  4. joyce says:

    It’s not going to happen. The US government has other financial matters at stake, and they are NOT going to intervene with a military presence. And Watson and the Sea Shepards despite their passion and the righteousness of their cause are not going to stop whaling with a few chunks of rotten butter. The Japanese know they can do whatever they want, ramming and sinking ships, and killing 1,200 whales a year until they are extinct. Study their history. They are a nefarious, supremacist people without moral compass. If you don’t believe me, ask the citizens of Korea, Manchuria, Nanking, and Pearl Harbor.

  5. Josh says:

    I agree with art us as humans come and take what we want and do what we want. we wipe out a whole population of animals just so we can make money. after all the whales are gone then we will start to care and then every1 will jump on the ban waggon and say how they miss them but wernt doing shit while they were still around.
    MOney talks bull shit walks. Thats how its going to be japan is a super power of the world and will never get charged for n e thing.

  6. Richard says:

    Clearly, the goverments of these various countries are not going to stop the Japanese from these crimes against nature. The Japanese don’t care that it took 100s of millions of years for whales to evolve. They don’t care that they are endangered and that in just a few hundred years, mankind has brought them to the brink of extinction. The story repeats itself in every aspect of the animal and plant kingdom imaginable. We don’t deserve to survive as a species, and we will not. We are bringing about our own demise. The creatures of this beautiful planet are in harmony with the universe. They are plugged in; we are not. Let’s face it, there are simply not enough ‘enlightened’ people in positions of power to reverse the course.

    Pete Bethune is a hero and the Sea Shepherds did a great job of getting him released from Japanese authorities. It’s time that those of us who care, channel the funds necessary to equip these warriors properly. Two ships and a helicopter is not enough to win this war. These efforts go beyond saving marine life. All crimes against nature are ultimately crimes against mankind. If we, as a species, continue being shortsighted; we will cease to exist. The Earth will recover and I believe the whales should be there.

  7. a.b. says:

    I totally agree with the Sea Shepherds views. I disapprove of their more violent tactics, however. Due to the lack of a free press in many countries, including Japan, the citizens there will only see the whalers’ point of view. They will not see the protestors point of view. Monkey wrenching, also known as ecoterrorism tends to make good causes look bad. Merely making a presence around whaling fleets and giving bad press to whalers will accomplish far more than ramming a whaling ship or sinking a whaling vessel while at anchor. Calling for a boycott of goods produced in countries which practice bad environmentalism will spur far more action from those countries governments to stop the bad practices. I read recently that seventy percent of Japanese citizens are against whaling. Lets enlist their help through proper, non violent protest.

  8. Margo Breen says:

    I truly believe that what the Sea Shepherds are doing won’t be enough. But I do admire them for their commitment to this cause which I fully support. They need more money, more press, and more ships with advanced technology. I urge everyone who knows what’s going on out there to financially support this group and others like them. The Japanese whalers have no morals or conscience and must be stopped. People like Paul Bethune are immensely brave and committed to this cause. I wish more people were. Paul Bethune and the rest of the Sea Shepherds are modern day heroes. Please support them.

  9. Dylan Rockwell says:

    Why are we just standing here America the Australian government needs our help to get captain Pete Buthine from the dirty hands of the Japanese government!! Clearly the vessel rammed the Ady Gil and japan has no comments that can change ANYONES mind because the videos clearly show that they changed coarse!! And now their complaining of an oily mix is in the water when they rammed them so just shut the FUCK up Japanese government people!!

  10. Sean says:

    I support Paul.

    Not because he is a crazy bugger down in Antarctica attempting to meddle with the illegal whaling; but because I am a maritime professional with common sense.

    Unfortunately, I can’t fully support the Sea Shepherds. I truly believe in their fight but they are approaching a matter using tools they know nothing about. The fleet’s Master (and I use that term loosely, being a Deckhand on a Bulk Carrier and crew on Buoy Tenders in the civilian Canadian Coast Guard doesn’t prove any deep sea maritime professionalism to me), Paul Watson, should be in jail for the gross negligence he operates the fleet with. These are untrained civilians, NOT trained maritime officers/ratings! To have these truly dedicated, but untrained and uneducated, people in such a dangerous environment is unacceptable. “Whale Wars” content on the Animal Planet channel is supporting evidence. Seeing the acts that this Master allows these untrained personnel to perform is unreal. Launching small swift water crafts in headway speeds in excess of 6 knots? Purely insane, they’re not SEAL units; and the results of said act were enough to prove my allegations. This was one act among many. Paul Watson, as Master, shouldn’t be only focused on his mission, but the well-being and preparedness of his crew. Simply put: I’d like to see the efforts continue, but dedicated civilians are not a properly trained “Deep-Sea” maritime crew.

    As for Paul Bethune, I believe his actions after the collision incident were unacceptable. The fact that he tried to take matters into his own hands didn’t help his situation. As my Kiwi friend stated, “he’s seen too many James Bond movies”. His case was cut and dry. The vessel was at rest, the crew remained on deck, and the Shonan Maru 2 altered her course to impact a vessel with no crew at the helm. Video documentation even shows that water-cannons were aimed at the vessel post-collision; which clearly indicates malicious intent. The IMO should bring charges upon the Master of the Shonan Maru 2 and her crew. Paul Bethune should be backed by New Zealand (because of the flag state of his vessel being NZ) and the IMO being there is so much documentation for the incident. As for the unauthorized boarding/possession of a weapon/assault charges, he’s on his own. Destruction of property and obstruction of business? Come on, what about the destruction of his $2.5M trimaran?

    Margo: I agree 100%, but let’s add “specialized and trained crew” to the list. Because, without proper training, these people can die in the harsh environments that they operate in. Dead people can’t save whales.

    Art: Apparently YOU don’t get it either. No country willing to enforce international law? Let me not speak out of turn or experience so I will only speak for the US. The US (and the 40 other member states) enforces international law adopted by the IMO. These organizations like the USCG enforce all the conventions; SOLAS, MARPOL, COLREGS, PSC, etc. all over the world. It’s a common misconception that the USCG is only in the US; they are stationed everywhere the Navy is….which is everywhere. Will they send task forces to specifically target one area? No. But, the governing bodies of the IMO do enforce the international law everywhere. So do your research, just because a vessel is 12 miles off of the coast of a nation does not mean it is not subject to law enforcement.

  11. JT says:


    In much of what you’ve written, there is some substance. You’re missing the forest for the trees, though. They would only GET training by being in such situations. Remember, too, that the sea is, and always has been, an inherently dangerous place for humans. Train all you want, get all the experience in the world, and things still happen. Yet “untrained” people, who have had no experience in an ocean passage before, have performed full solo circumnavigations. My own sailing experience began from backyard boating and a paperback Colgate sailing primer. we do what we have to do. How does one train for war anyway? And that is the other part you don’t quite get. This IS a war. All bets are off. Just as the government takes volunteers, gives them the basic training that time and resources will afford, and puts them where they’re needed under control of more experienced officers, Sea Shepherd does what it can and what it must to man their vessels and engage the enemy. Those who volunteer are not stupid. They know there are dangers, and are entering into that situation willingly. They know they could die, just as I do. But for some of us, there are things worth fighting and dying for. Once you know enough about them to see cetaceans as our marine equivalents, there is little choice for a sound conscience but to get involved, to help, to the extent that you can.

    The AG was there with knowledge that the Japanese might do something like this. It’s still wrong that they did, but Peter wasn’t ignorant of the possibility, just stunned that they’d be so blatant. Is he crazy? Not hardly. The only difference is that I’d have gone to that vessel to sink it, and he only went to arrest its captain. (As all know, he has since been released, sentence Suspended.)

    As to no nation being willing to enforce the law, I think we can ignore maritime law for a moment and consider how the Japanese have blatantly defied the intent of the IWC moratorium against commercial whaling for decades. Everyone knows about it, and not one nation does a thing to stop them. Place a couple battleships in the Antarctic between Japan and the Ross Sea. Tell them if they fire one harpoon those ships will open fire upon the whaling fleet. THAT is enforcement. Lest you say that it’s up to the IWC, the reason there are not heavier international agreements is because the IWC is supposedly policing itself. (Remember, the IWC isn’t there to protect cetaceans, it’s there to protect whaling.) Nevertheless, these kills are in violation of CITES as well as bans in Europe and the U.S. But since they’re being performed in international waters, it is being seen as a grey area. There is no such thing. Do I get to murder someone with impunity in international waters? I’m told that, as a U.S. citizen, I can be held accountable for wildlife laws against harassing cetaceans while I’m physically in international waters. It’s only convenient, nothing better, that the governments of the world say they lack jurisdiction. Truth is, they don’t care enough about cetaceans to engage the Japanese in militaristic fashion.

    For the life of me, I can’t see why one small nation is being allowed to thumb their noses at the world. The Faeroe Islands, Japan, these two islands are virtually alone in their “tradition”. Other island nations all over the planet appreciate and revere the dolphins, for their beauty and for their benevolent actions towards men. How can we ignore that these creatures, which have proven themselves our friends by their DEEDS, are being slaughtered by our own kind? How can we NOT do our level best to stop them? We went to war fueled by anger at 3000 people being killed at the WTC. 1000 Minke whales and several hundred dolphins, plus whichever various other cetaceans they can get ahold of — EACH AND EVERY YEAR — to Japan. Six HUNDRED Pilot “whales” so far this year at the hands of the Faeroese. Not sure how many from Norway. But I do know that since 9/11, at least fifteen thousand cetaceans have been slaughtered against the will of the peoples of the world. Where is our outrage? Where is our righteous indignation? Where is our ACTION to stop this? Why do we continue to do business with these nations. WE care, but our governments apparently do not. There’s no oil in it.

    I applaud Sea Shepherd. I applaud her captains and crews. Ric, Lincoln, Louie, Joe and the rest of the cast & crew of The Cove also deserve our thanks for their efforts. Even after The Cove won the Academy Award, the film still hadn’t gotten out of the red yet, but Louie’s already working on another one. If they have to go Commercial to get the word out, to make it outrageous to EVERYONE, then so be it. Perhaps that’s how we wake the conscience in this Internet era.

    Sean, will you be on board one of the Sea Shepherd vessels, lending your knowledge and experience? Or bring a vessel out to help?


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