The Gulf Stream Current

It runs from the Gulf of Mexico, around and up the eastern shores of the United States, then heads east, and finally returns to a southbound coarse, protecting the coast of Europe and the United Kingdom. Disturb that flow, alter the course and life-forms, and the entire Northern Hemisphere is in immediate danger. Europe and the UK could be thrown into chaos as the protective warm waters gave way, freeze killing off thousands of people at a time. The U.S. would not be unscathed either. Our own shores are also protected by the Gulf Stream. Now realize that the rest of the delicate balance could be thrown off by changes in the Gulf Stream. What we do in one area could realistically and seriously devastate the entire planet.

Gulf Stream Current

The effects are already being felt. Across the globe, storms have risen up — hurricanes of tremendous severity, and in unprecedented numbers. Katrina was a warning shot. The hurricanes of this past year are signs of the unraveling of the balances of nature. We would be wise to heed that warning.

Who is looking out for the oceans ecosystems while we live our lives up on dry land? A few organizations come to mind. Greenpeace (more so in times past,) Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd, Ocean Conservancy, and even Surfrider. Why not the fishermen themselves? Some simply don’t have the know-how, the ability to recognize the differences. Commercial fishing and whaling fleets intentionally turn a blind-eye, knowing full well what the potential risks are, but daring anyway. They care more about their profits than any future price we all may pay. By their thinking, when the risk is close at hand then they must wring every dime they can from the ocean before it’s too late to do so.

We’re here to watch, to guard, to inform and educate, and to protect the ocean. We invite you to join us, in spirit and in action. By protecting the ocean, we bring health and life to ourselves.

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