Gulf Oil Spill: NO MORE CHEMICALS! Vacuum Is the Only REAL Solution

The Federal government has been bombarding the surface of the Gulf with chemicals only described as a dispersal agent.  What is that?  It could be a solvent, it could be something like Dawn that breaks down the oil, or it could be a bacterial agent which eats the oil, breaking it down.  Regardless of what it is, we know what it is not.  It is not safe.  Even if it were entirely bacteriological, the damage done to the balances of the ocean waters and wetlands is very likely unsustainable.  The ocean isn’t just plain water.  It is made up of about 200 different elements, each in a certain balance.  Wetlands are even more complex, and already under stress from our impact upon them.  Tossing chemicals of ANY kind at the problem is no real solution.

The problem is relatively simple: Crude oil has leaked out and is contaminating the Gulf of Mexico, so it must be removed.  Not dispersed. Not broken down into other aspects which are LESS harmful.  ANY amount of harm is devastating in this sort of scope and proportion.  It needs to be removed.  The best and simplest way to do that is to vacuum it up while it is still offshore, before it coats birds, mammals, and coastline.  It has to be sucked up, separated from the water, and hosed on over to a tanker.  Relatively simple, really.

The ocean is made up of about 200 elements.  Each of them must be present in proper proportion, or the entire system is at risk of collapsing, becoming unable to sustain life.  Adding anything that could possibly affect that balance is a bad idea.  The idea isn’t to add to the mess, but to remove it.  As the Obama administration’s response team moves forward, we hope they will abandon the use of dispersal agents.  Even more so, we hope they will abandon the notion of using an agent that will keep the oil from rising to the surface.  At least when it’s at the surface, we can still find it to suck it up.  Having it floating below the surface doesn’t make it go away, doesn’t eliminate its toxicity.  It just makes it harder to  find.  Out of sight may be out of mind, but it will still be there in the water, toxic and spreading.  The Gulf cannot afford to be impacted to that degree.

President Obama, are you listening?


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  1. Billy Ordona says:

    re. oil spill
    Thats the solution, if they used vacuums to vacuum up the water that overflowed from the levies in New Orleans, and everybody saw those on television — than why cant they can’t do the same…….here…with humougous oil spill in the gulf..

  2. John Hill says:

    Whenever an accident occurs it is caused by mistakes and utter stupidity by either greed or laziness rather than following common sense measures to prevent a catastrophe such as this one. Even gas pumps have detachments if you drive away with the hose left attached. With all the so called expert people working for BP, they didn’t have the common sense to put multiple valves in place to prevent this. Whatever is done will have a negative effect on the gulf. Only the lessons from the Exxon Valdez will teach us that over the long term, the ocean is at least smart enough to defend itself and rebuild despite mans lack of initiative to protect the fragile balance our oceans. Be smart, or at least wise, and don’t cause further damage BP.

  3. Scott Johnston says:

    I am not correct, OIL AND WATER do not mix….If this is true why are we not just sucking up the water and oil into ships that tranfer the oil and water mix to a plant that will seperate the oil from the water…In fact we could use the transfer process to create Salt and Fresh watrer….It seems so simple yest we are trying to do everything else except the simple ideas….

    I may just be being stupid, but every day I think about this and everyday I ask why?


  4. J. Corley says:

    BP or the Federal Government, or BOTH should utilize the following resources and combine them:

    1 base supertanker above the site with multiple high volume vacuum systems to pump oil & water from the leak sources into large empty tanks on board.

    ROV’s connected to flexible high volume tubing to be placed over the leak sources, pumping into the base tanker.

    On board the base tanker, up to 31 of the large volume Ocean Therapy Solutions centrifuges which have been shown on TV to separate 99% of the oil from water. ( )

    A fleet of empty tankers to receive the separated oil from the base tanker. This oil should be taken to market and the proceeds used to help pay for clean up. The clean separated water can be pumped overboard as news reports indicate the water is clean.

    In the absence of being able to shut off the leak, which everyone wants, we have to deal with the fact that it’s not stopping and the oil is going to keep coming. In that regard, this makes sense as it utilizes technology and combines resources from several sources so that the Gulf region can start cleaning up what is already out there without worrying about a never ending black tide still to come.  This will remove most of the oil pumping into the ocean at it’s source.

    If we can put a man on the moon, we can surely do this and help protect our nations vital natural resources along the Gulf.


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