Gulf Oil Spill: BP Intentionally Commiting Felonies Under EPA’s Nose?

The dumping of solvents into the ocean is a federal offense.  It’s likely also against state laws.  If anyone else was to dump just a barrel or two of noxious solvents into the Gulf, they’d be led off in handcuffs.  So why is are the EPA and Coast Guard letting them get away with pouring so many thousands of gallons of it every day?

Yesterday, BP announced that they are resuming injecting dispersing solvents into the oil stream in the depths of this disaster.  They still have not satisfied ANY of the inquiries regarding toxicity.  They have yet to explain why they are not utilizing Dispersit, which is a water-based alternative with far lower toxicity.  They have yet to justify trying to “bury” their financial responsibility by “dispersing” the toxic oil throughout the ocean waters, instead of letting it come to shore where it can THEN be cleaned up.  But they’re going to go back to using Exxon’s 9500, which we KNOW is highly toxic and noxious.  9500 causes damage to a human’s Central Nervous System (amongst the many effects of the oil-based solvent.)  Why are we allowing them to continue to use this stuff?  Just because some bureaucrat approved it two decades ago?!

Corexit was approved for spill CLEAN UP, as a means of aiding workers at the shore.  It was NOT approved to be dumped or injected 50 miles offshore and nearly a mile beneath the ocean’s surface.  Doing so amounts to dumping toxic chemicals into the ocean, a federal offense.

If the stuff would have been wrong to put into our waters intentionally before the spill, why would it be any more acceptable to do so now?

The lesser evil?  No, that would be Dispersit.   If we don’t allow 9500, then we WILL find other solutions.  Use of this chemical helps BP and only them… at the expense of our oceans and the creatures that live within those waters.

This can’t be allowed to continue.  Taking a situation from bad to far worse by returning to injecting this noxious chemical into our oceans is NOT acceptable.  The time has come to speak out loudly, to DEMAND that it stop!

Please sign the petition, call your Senators, raise a fuss, make a stink; YELL ABOUT THIS!  The damage being done is enormous, and may not be something we can reverse.  Please, add your signature and voice to stop the dumping/use of these toxic chemicals immediately.  There is no time to waste!

Click here to sign the petition to stop the use of solvents in the open ocean!

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  1. Constantine says:

    re. Gulf Oil Spill
    This oil catastrophe was deliberate. The President’s administration I have no doubt will figure this out. Republicans/ Conservative administration past and present are trying their best to make President Obama look Un-Presidential. He’s one of the most intellectual, thinking Presidents along Clinton, kennedy and Reagan. So what’s in the darkness will come to the light. There’s a minority of evil, greed, and in denial among our own Americans and it’s been shown. As of Sarah Palin, people flocking to her like Jim Jones. I bet they would take poison from her if she told them to. Ignorance! Don’t you know she was prayed upon by an AFRICAN, VOODOO- LIKE spirit people (which the people originated an African/Jamaican decent) that laid hands on her head? You tea party people, I feel sorry for you but as far as mercy, God will judge your last days on Earth. Revelations. Why? because you “DO NOT put or worship a person, idol or GOD(Satan) before he who created thee and all it’s existence”. This IS the greatest commandment of all! (especially the old folks) trust me! That will be your biggest fear. You spiritually not know what your following, but eventually in time their will be a removal of her mask that will make the fearing of the Government fearless
    and hopefully your eyes will open before it’s too late. Your conscious will break your sub-conscious. I know of you follower will disagree
    and will defend your female God’s honor. If you have an ounce of wisdom in you, think about this, If Jesus came down from Heaven
    and looked you in the eye and said, ”who is your Savior”? You God-forsaken people, priests, wiccans, atheists, etc…. would say, Sarah Palin and then be thrown in the Abyss with no return when you take that last breath. Don’t call on God then. All you will get is a deaf ear. I know this letter will not hit the media blog but if it does, there are still the child of God out there. May God bless the WORLD. Truth


  2. lola says:

    You are misled. Republicans and Democrats are both 2 sides of the same coin and Obama is no different. Watch Zeitgeist the movie (available to watch for free online) to get a better understanding of this.


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