Earth YEAR 2010

All over the planet, people are commemorating Earth Day today.  We live on this planet as an integral part of it all year long, though.  The other 364 days, humans are still having significant negative impact on the planet in ways that no other creature could.  We still pour tons of toxic trash into the rivers, lakes and oceans of the world.  We still slaughter beautiful, sentient creatures, betraying their acts of friendship towards us by killing them for some pittance, or Tradition.   We order lots of things online these days, but do we ever think of how much pollution we’re ordering to have it sent all the way to our door?

There’s a much longer list of things that haven’t been done than of our accomplishments in being good neighbors and stewards of the earth.  We’ve got a long way to go.  We can’t afford to take off 364 days and then get earth-conscious for a few hours this time next year.

It’s good that we’re thinking of this planet that we live, sleep, play, work, and walk upon.  Let’s keep it in mind every day, all year long… and remember to tread lightly.

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