[donation-can goal_id=”boatgear”] We are making way towards having a ship with which to take water samples from the Gyres, the Gulf, and beyond. We’ll be working cooperatively with other organizations, sharing the information gathered, and showing the world the true condition of our precious oceans. We need your help. Your donations will fund the safety equipment and maintenance needed to make this work possible.

Wanna know how you can help save the ocean? That’s fantastic!

The first thing is to stop participate in polluting. When you visit the beaches, be sure to take all of your trash back with you. Practice “Take pictures, leave only footprints.” Don’t let oil or anti-freeze spill onto the ground. Cut back on unnecessary paper and plastic consumption, and recycle whenever possible. Paper mills create an attrocious impact upon the environment. Not sure? Try breathing near one! It takes 500 THOUSAND trees every week just to supply Americans with their Sunday newspapers! Do what you can to walk gently on Mother Earth.

What else?

Participate in a beach cleanup alongside other like-minded volunteers. Local chapters of Surfrider host beach cleanups regularly, and there’s a chapter for freshwater areas too. We realize that the toxins that go into freshwater eventually make their way into our homes as well as the oceans of the world. There is no escaping this fact: The planet we live upon is ONE unit, one entity, and what affects a part of it affects the whole.

Continue to educate yourself on the realities affecting our environment. Pay heed to the Inconvenient Truths being swept under the carpet. Big Business is counting on your apathy, and you can count on their indifference to what’s best for the environment, so long as it saves them even a small amount of money and getting caught at it isn’t expected to cost them sales. Make sure they get the message loud and clear that you’re not going to ignore their actions.

Saving the planet is not cheap. Phone bills alone cost a small fortune — one which we’re glad to pay, for the sake of the ocean. But we have to have it to pay with. Contribute as the spirit moves you; Any amount over about $5 is helpful. (Less than that, and it ends up being eaten up by the costs of getting it here.)

We are able to accept a one-time donation or a recurring one that comes from your bank account, debit or credit card. One time donations need only a debit or credit card, while recurring donations require a PayPal account linked to a checking account, debit or credit card. Please use the links below to make your donation. Please email us if you’d like to contribute a different amount or in a different way.

Small or large, your donation is greatly appreciated. Just as one drop of water forms a ripple in a still pond, we know that each person is participating cleaning up a drop or cup of water, putting pure, clean water back into the Pond. Those drops all spread, their ripples traveling around the globe, just like the tides, and the pollution that threatens us. So don’t think your contribution won’t matter. Every donation is a drop rippling out across the waters of the world.