Gulf Oil Spill: PTO Stonewalled; EPA, USCG and Senators All Refusing To Answer Solvent Questions

As some of you may have noticed, BP elected to resume the use of the solvents they describe as dispersing agents the same day that their first containment dome failed.  Needless to say, this alarmed us greatly.  We questioned how long they would stop using the toxic chemicals, but were dismayed and disappointed that no one in the government is stopping them from doing it.  If anyone else was to intentionally pour even one 55 gallon barrel of that stuff into the water, he’d be led away in handcuffs (and rightly so).  Yet there’s BP out there dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of it into waters 50 miles offshore, and nobody is saying a word to them about it?  Congress is grilling for blame on the cause of the spill, but nobody’s telling them to stop making matters worse by using those solvents!

We called the EPA.  They told us to call the U.S. Coast Guard.  We did.  Twice yesterday, and then again today.  That wasted half an hour and netted promises that they would walk the message over to the EPA’s desk.  No return call has been received from the EPA.  At this point, it becomes pretty clear that they’re not going to call back.  We’re asking questions they don’t have good answers for.  Contacts who promised answers included a woman named Connie Carroll who claimed to be with the Coast Guard.  (We didn’t ask for names the first two times, expecting that the USCG would do as they said.) Read more


Gulf Oil Spill: BP Intentionally Commiting Felonies Under EPA’s Nose?

The dumping of solvents into the ocean is a federal offense.  It’s likely also against state laws.  If anyone else was to dump just a barrel or two of noxious solvents into the Gulf, they’d be led off in handcuffs.  So why is are the EPA and Coast Guard letting them get away with pouring so many thousands of gallons of it every day?

Yesterday, BP announced that they are resuming injecting dispersing solvents into the oil stream in the depths of this disaster.  They still have not satisfied ANY of the inquiries regarding toxicity.  They have yet to explain why they are not utilizing Dispersit, which is a water-based alternative with far lower toxicity.  They have yet to justify trying to “bury” their financial responsibility by “dispersing” the toxic oil throughout the ocean waters, instead of letting it come to shore where it can THEN be cleaned up.  But they’re going to go back to using Exxon’s 9500, which we KNOW is highly toxic and noxious.  9500 causes damage to a human’s Central Nervous System (amongst the many effects of the oil-based solvent.)  Why are we allowing them to continue to use this stuff?  Just because some bureaucrat approved it two decades ago?! Read more


Gulf Oil Spill: Oil Hits The Shores, Dome Removed, the Avalanche of Oil Continues

Just as the spill arrived at the shoreline yesterday soaking all in its path with thick vile toxic goo, BP puts its Containment Dome in place, and it began to look like perhaps the first chapter in this terrible tale was coming to an end. With the oil at the shoreline, at least we could begin to soak and wipe and vacuum it up, a much better idea than “dispersing” its lethal contents throughout the oceans. With the dome dropped 5,000 feet to the ocean’s floor, some of us thought that perhaps that was the last we’d see of the oil from this rig’s disaster. It would seem the lesson is not quite over yet. Read more