Why is BP Still Stalling?

For 40 days now, the oceans of the world have been contaminated by the disaster in the Gulf.  The resulting oil spill has spewed tens of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf, with no end in sight.  Another million gallons of toxic Corexit dispersing solvents have been poured into the waters, both on top and below… and still we witness one hair-brained scheme after another from the “experts” at BP.  Top Hat, Top Kill, talk of stopping it up with golf balls (as if a fluid under pressure wouldn’t find its way through THAT filter?) and never much sense or likelihood of success in any of them.  At this point, one simply must wonder why BP is stalling.

A number of worthy conspiracy theories come to mind.  It could be some plot to make Obama look less presidential.  Maybe it’s Obama’s secret way of dispensing of offshore drilling.  Early on, there were suggestions that the heads of BP simply don’t like America and want to harm us.  None of these stands the litmus test for credibility, yet there’s something nagging, gnawing at the back of the mind: There’s got to be SOME reason why they keep up with these extremely unlikely solutions.

The reason behind focusing on solvents instead of capping the well first is obvious when one follows the money.  If they make half a dollar on the oil, but it costs them 100 a gallon in cleanup and fines, it makes a lot more sense to bury the evidence of the leak than to worry about saving that 50 cents a gallon.   “But it’s polluting!” you cry.  But that’s not the cry of a corporation.  It sees only profits and losses.  So that explains why they were pouring dispersing agents into the ocean instead of focusing on stopping it.  In another article, we demonstrated the nepotistic relationship between BP and Nalco (the manufacturers of Corexit) which would prompt them to use more harmful solvents, so that’s no mystery.  But why, at this late date and with the cat out of the bag, per se, are they not demonstrating sincere efforts to stop the flow of oil?

The most recent plan, to cut off the damaged pipe and put a valve on it, is the only one that ever made any sense.  They were successful in installing such a valve on one pipe a month ago.  (Even in that, one is left to wonder why they haven’t attached a pipeline to a surface tanker and used that valve to relieve pressure against the other breaks, whilst gathering that much oil at the surface instead of letting it continue to pour into the ocean.)  The entire resources of the US and other nations are available, and yet all of these daft “solutions” keep arising — and failing — with days between each of them, during which the spilling of countless thousands of barrels a day continues unchecked.

There’s little doubt that the devastation is far worse than we’re able to see.  So what sort of shell game are they playing?  What is it that they don’t want us to see?  Could it be that another leak, which has been discussed and demonstrated in the past week, a much more sinister leak, is what they’re trying to cover up?

President Obama has claimed responsibility for the results, so we’ll pose this open question directly to him: Mr. President, why are you allowing BP to keep stalling?


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  1. pinfeathers says:

    what i dont get is that everyone says “…It sees only profits and losses..” and yes they do, everyday this is not capped the stock price plummets, all but one of there deep water fleet is now on clean up operations instead of drilling, at a price tag of 500 mill a day btw, on top of the massive tab for the clean up which includes EVERYTHING down to the sandwich someone eats at a training class for spill clean up is being paid for-by BP. also on top of claims and global boycotts of bp products, and every day this continues it gets worse, they know this, so can you tell me where is the motivation for not capping it as fast as possible? it sucks but the best solution simply takes a long time, thats what people miss. for a company that only cares about money your theory on the methods of dispersants being cheaper seems a bit misguided

    ED: They never planned on getting caught at the dispersing agent tactic. That’s why they have been reporting/claiming lower volume of crude leaked. For starters, they can be fined per barrel, but they figured that was all that would make it to shore. The rest was supposed to be submerged, unnoticed.– JT


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