BP Gulf Oilspill – the Haliburton Cement NON-connection

The papers have been talking about Haliburton supposedly bearing some responsibility for cement flaws in the BP oil disaster. For whatever reason, some are now trying to put blame on Haliburton. While they’re certainly not a favored company, in this particular case, it’s simply not their fault or responsibility.

Interview footage from months ago aired, a supervisor on the rig telling of how he had reported the rubber coming up out of the pipe, but was told to ignore that warning sign. He also relayed info of a meeting held shortly before the explosion, in which the Haliburton rep DID raise objection about cement set time, and the BP agent in charge insisted that it was costing them money to wait ($25 million a day?) so to go ahead, not wait on the cement. When the Haliburton rep objected, he was shut down rather rudely by the pompous BP agent in charge.

What was clear was that the BP rep, a middle/upper mucky-muck visiting the rig, overrode all the objections, concerns and voices of reasonable caution. Citing costs, he pulled rank on them and told them to stand down. The fault, then, lies entirely with BP.

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