The BP Corexit Japanese Connection – Why Toxic Solvents Were Used & Covered Up

We knew there was something fishy going on, but couldn’t figure out what it might be.  Why did BP and the EPA keep on using Nalco’s Corexit, which is highly toxic to both humans and wildlife?  Turns out that Rodney F. Chase, who sits on the board of Nalco, was also a BP board member.  Likelihood that he still holds shares in both companies is very high.  So it wasn’t JUST nepotism, it was a for-profit choice.

But it runs deeper than that.  Corexit’s manufacturer, Nalco Holding Company is owned by the Blackstone Group (along with MANY other holdings, a huge investment conglomerate.)  Blackstone has had Japanese investors for many years, but relatively recently doubled that investment; The Japanese now own 20% of Blackstone.  What else does Blackstone own?  Large hotel chains, Banquet foods, Seaworld, Six Flags… you name it!  Most captive dolphins are in amusement parks like Seaworld, Six Flags, etc.   Seaworld claims they have no connection to the dolphin slaughters in Japan (which were documented in the Oscar-award-winning movie “The Cove“).  That’s simply not true. 

With all of the deceptions, all of the many layers of big-money connections, there’s only one thing certain: If BP is saying something, WE MUST QUESTION the validity. If they tell a small truth, it’s to cover up the big picture, a bigger liability.

We’ll give you more about this as we have the time, but for now, know that BP and Corexit are financially intertwined, as are the Japanese, who actively hunt whales and dolphins for meat and to sell to amusement parks.  Like their filthy oil, this stinks!

Research, Editorial, and Opinion Submitted to the Protect The Ocean Blog by John Taylor


  1. TiredOfTheLies says:

    Been trying to tell people about the Monsanto, Nalco connection for the last few months. Most don’t seem to get it, or try to discredit it. BP Trolls? Follow the money trails. They always lead back to a few filthy rich, and mentally deranged individuals, bent on world domination, at ANY cost. They need to do it through “accidents” and through hidden tactics with eugenics, as they need to survive whatever fallout from their actions. It’s becoming more clear now, that these people are terrorists on all life forms, and that they will spare no expense at committing large scale ecocide and genocide, to keep the oil flowing, and their pockets lined. I wonder why Halliburton pulled out of the US, and headed overseas? Mainstream media is doing NO favors to the people of this country. It’s time to stop sleepwalking people!

  2. WRAY EDWARDS says:


    I had heard that our military is paying up to 400$ per gallon for fuel in Afghanistan. Your comment seems to contradict that. Where did you get your figures?

    MEANWHILE…can you all just imagine how much solar energy infrastructure we could build for the two trillion we are spending Iraq and Afghanistan; not to mention the 2.3 trillion Rumsfeld admitted his buddy Dov Zackheim misplaced while he was comptroller at the Pentagon just before he took over the reins of a company which specializes in remote, digital command and control of passenger aircraft after they have deviated from their flight plan?

    And,oh yeah…ain’t it just awful that the cruise missile which hit the Pentagon just happened to hit the accounting section? Hmmm.

  3. And now they’re using Corexit which is 4times more toxic than oil and been banned from use in the UK, on the oil slick from the grounded container ship Rena near Tauranga, New Zealand. Grrrrrr! :-(

  4. Actually, after 4 months of Corexit use, the EPA directed BP to find an alternative that was was less toxic, more effective and readily available. The key words were “readily available”. There was nothing available in the quantities needed, so BP was able to ignore the directive, citing the fact that Corexit was EPA approved and available. I hold the EPA responsible for ignoring available alternatives developed since the Exxon Valdez, 20 years ago. The EPA may have violated their own Clean Water Act of 1972, by autorizing the use of Corexit

    Hi, Michael.

    Got your comment. You’re semi-correct. Bruce Gebhart’s (sp) company had an alternative and could have delivered. There WERE alternatives… but the head of Nalco (who sells Corexit, having gotten it from Exxon, who developed it in the first place and did the (suspect) toxicology reports,) used to be on the board of BP. I rather doubt he sold his stock… so BP kept using Corexit because of two things:

    1) They knew it would bury the oil so they didn’t have to pay fines or clean-up, and
    2) Nepotism; they were paying their crony for the Corexit… about $28 a gallon x 1.8 million gallons.

    EPA most definitely violated the Clean Water Act, but you have it slightly reversed. EPA was created to ENFORCE the Clean Water (and Clean Air) Act.

    Thanks for your comments. You’re far better informed than most. Got any suggestions on how to neutralize the stuff? It’s still killing off fry, causing stillborn dolphins, etc. from that it acts as a hormone/endocrine disruptor, and shorebirds are being found all the way up in Minnesota with Corexit in them.



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