In just a few days, an international meeting will be held in Agadir, Morocco, to decide the fate of thousands of whales.  To the surprise of many, there is actually some doubt as to whether they will remain protected.  Japan is lobbying heavily, even bribing small poor Caribbean nations (not for the first time) and seducing them with gifts of cash, prostitutes, etc.  President Obama seems to have missed the point and is also pushing for a new resolution.  Here’s what they’re suggesting:

They want to reopen the seas to the take of certain whales in certain quantities — as many as 1000 a year — for a period of years.  After a decade of that madness, it is supposedly to be phased out.  If that sounds dicey and somehow wrong to you, give yourself points for a brain and a conscience.  Rewarding Japan’s bad behavior by giving them carte blanch to kill more whales doesn’t make much sense.  As it is, they have been blatantly defying the moratorium for over 2 decades now, by calling it Research.  Legitimate scientists of the world should be rightly offended by that.

Here’s a sample letter, what I sent on to President Obama and other heads of state regarding the notion of lifting the moratorium:


For more than two decades now, Japan has engaged in commercial whaling under the thin guise of Research.  Since the IWS’s member nations each set their own version of acceptable take, Japan just writes itself a blank check and kills thousands of cetaceans every year.

When someone has been robbing banks in flagrant violation of the law, the solution is not to make bank robbing legal.   Instead, enforce the moratorium by embargo, political means and, if necessary, by military force.  But do not make it even a little bit easier or reward that bad behavior.

The oceans and cetaceans of the world do not belong to any one nation, no matter what Japan may want to presume.  It is not their right do do this.  One need not recognize cetaceans as sentient, sovereign entities in order to recognize that hunting them is wrong.

I strongly urge you NOT to lift the ban, and to pursue all means necessary to bring Japan and the few other whaling nations into compliance with the INTENT of the agreement.

Thank you for your service.

All the best,

Protect The Ocean

If you’re willing to participate in this drive, go to www.wdcs.org .  You’ll find the letter-writing link on the right side.  They’ll help you send your thoughts to the people most able to do something about it!

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  1. James A. Randazise says:

    Please in the spirit of all that matters beyond out own limited understanding— Ban Whaling Forever and Ever !!!!!!! Imagine such a contribution to the spirit of Light, Truth and Beauty !!!!!!!

  2. Michael J Bodger says:

    I think it has become obvious over the many years we have been on debates over whaling that the powers that be are far more interested in the money to be made, a classic example of this is not the whaling but the blue fin tuna (almost extinct) whaling is just another part of an old argument. How much can we take before we have finally destroyed the last of the greatest sea creatures on earth. Whilst there is a profit in killing, the killing will go on.


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