Protect The Ocean takes ACTION!

We facilitate and perform beach clean-ups, meet with local city councils, state and federal officials work to find functional solutions on such issues as:

  • Cruise Ship Sewerage Dumping
  • Reef Destruction
  • Marine mammal hazards & perils
  • Ocean Spills and Pollution

If it affects our oceans or beaches, we’ll be there, taking a stand!

Aren’t There Enough Ecology Organizations Already?

Greenpeace was a great idea, and they have our utmost respect and gratitude for the direct intervention they have performed.  The Ocean Conservancy is legendary for their venerable environmental efforts at a legislative level.  Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd continues to save the ocean dolphins and whales from senseless slaughter on the high seas and abroad.  Surfrider has been instrumental in improving water quality and keeping public beach access.

But… Local chapters of these organizations are often left to fend for themselves, and others have NO local presence at all!

Protect The Ocean exists to address the immediate problems with win-win, solution-oriented remedies, working towards sound practices for the future.

How bad is it, really?  Reefs are one of the most clear and significant indications of the ocean’s health.  Just as miners’ canaries warned them of toxic gas in mineshafts, the reefs’ ills are our first warning that the oceans of the world are very sick.  Since 70% of the earth’s surface is ocean, this illness affects us all!

A full one-fifth of the world’s reefs are dead or dying!  There’s no time left for idle chatter.  Our governments – both in the U.S. and abroad – are engaging in ecological policies which clearly favor big business at the expense of the environment.

While there are laws are in place to protect whales and dolphins, prohibit dumping and pollution, violations are largely ignored and uninforced!  The current administration has ignored international anti-whaling treaties, and is now intent on signing new treaties which would endorse the slaughter of whales for profit!

Most people can’t take time off of work to go clean up a beach, tend to injured wildlife, meet with legislators, or develop environmentally sound solutions.  But we CANNOT afford to let these vital issues go unaddressed!  That’s why Protect The Ocean exists.

Please help us do this important work!