Baby Dolphin Deaths Continue Dramatic Climb

At least 77 baby dolphin deaths have now been reported to have washed ashore in the past week.  We reported the dolphin deaths when the news first came to our attention a week ago.  With the report now coming to at least 4 times as many as originally noted, and considering the other factors (such as far more bodies that never made it to shore, offshore species, etc.) we would be amiss not to consider this a disaster, amidst the terrible results of the use of Corexit and BP’s oil spill.

One report states that “the remains of 77 animals – nearly all bottlenose dolphins” were found.  The exceptions are of great concern.  As we mentioned in the previous article on the subject, the ocean is a great scavenger.  Stillborn babies’ bodies wouldn’t be as likely to make it all the way to the Gulf shores from 100+ miles offshore, which means it’s likely there are MANY times that many dolphins dying at or before birth… as if the 77 weren’t enough.

For now, there’s not much we can do but hope that the ocean heals.  But please do make it a point to press the government HARD about prohibiting the use of Corexit in the US ever again.  This deadly chemical is already banned in the UK, has been for  a decade or more.  We must not allow it to be used — BY ANY MEANS — ever again!