Whaling Moratorium Stands, But Where’s John Wayne When We Need Him?

The IWC meeting in Agadir has ended in a bittersweet success.  The proposed end to the moratorium on killing whales was defeated.  But only for this year.   That several small nations were disqualified from the vote for various reasons (ranging from unpaid dues to being bought off by Japan for the price of a hooker,) had a lot to do with our success in preserving the whaling ban.  But the battle isn’t even close to over.

Truth is, lifting the ban was intended to eventually put an end to all whaling — supposedly within a decade.  But the best of intentions would not have held water.  Japan will not stop when the agreement says to.  They would just have dropped out of the IWC when the rules no longer suited them.  In many ways, they’ve been doing precisely as they please all along, disregarding the intent of the Moratorium, sidestepping it with that thinly veiled Research guise.   Next year, they can come back with their ducks in a row, and the IWC vote may go differently, giving them a license to kill a thousand minke whales a year, for so long as they remain in the IWC.  This would put Paul Watson and the rest of the Sea Shepherd crew at a major disadvantage, because then they couldn’t claim to be enforcing the valid intent of the IWC agreement.  If the lift of the moratorium passes, then Sea Shepherd becomes a “terrorist” organization.  No matter how ridiculous the killing itself may be, Watson and company would be at rist of being arrested for interfering with a lawful hunt. Read more



In just a few days, an international meeting will be held in Agadir, Morocco, to decide the fate of thousands of whales.  To the surprise of many, there is actually some doubt as to whether they will remain protected.  Japan is lobbying heavily, even bribing small poor Caribbean nations (not for the first time) and seducing them with gifts of cash, prostitutes, etc.  President Obama seems to have missed the point and is also pushing for a new resolution.  Here’s what they’re suggesting:

They want to reopen the seas to the take of certain whales in certain quantities — as many as 1000 a year — for a period of years.  After a decade of that madness, it is supposedly to be phased out.  If that sounds dicey and somehow wrong to you, give yourself points for a brain and a conscience.  Rewarding Japan’s bad behavior by giving them carte blanch to kill more whales doesn’t make much sense.  As it is, they have been blatantly defying the moratorium for over 2 decades now, by calling it Research.  Legitimate scientists of the world should be rightly offended by that. Read more

Politicians Yammer In Lieu of Solution

Yammer In Lieu of Solution; Obama & Jindal: a Matched Set, Palin Chimes in on Overtime

President Obama will be addressing the nation from the Oval Office, apparently as an attempt to show that he takes the situation as one of great gravity.  He has visited the Gulf three or four times now.  I’m sure his visits contribute greatly to the clean-up efforts.

Then there’s good ole Bobby Jindal who, filled with righteous indignation, bemoans the fate of his fair state at the hands of BP’s inept response… and then complains loudly that Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling will hurt Louisiana’s job market.  Schizophrenic much, Bobby?  Or is that just a politician’s parlor trick, speaking something different out of each side of the mouth at the same time?  News flash, Governor: The oil money you’re so deadset on pursuing is what caused that disaster in the first place.  Now you want more of it?  Who are you trying to kid? Read more