Why is BP Still Stalling?

For 40 days now, the oceans of the world have been contaminated by the disaster in the Gulf.  The resulting oil spill has spewed tens of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf, with no end in sight.  Another million gallons of toxic Corexit dispersing solvents have been poured into the waters, both on top and below… and still we witness one hair-brained scheme after another from the “experts” at BP.  Top Hat, Top Kill, talk of stopping it up with golf balls (as if a fluid under pressure wouldn’t find its way through THAT filter?) and never much sense or likelihood of success in any of them.  At this point, one simply must wonder why BP is stalling. Read more

President Claims Government Was in Charge of BP All Along

The White House press conference has just wrapped up.  It was primarily focused on the Gulf Oil Spill (which is appropriate.)  Here’s a recap, with comments:

“Underscores the urgent need for our nation to develop clean, renewable energy.”  We agree, Mr. President.  So why is that development not happening?  President Obama goes on to inform us that the House is preparing such a bill, and that the Senate is working on a bipartisan bill regarding renewable energy as well, to “Answer this challenge once and for all.”  Sorry, Sir, but that’s largely rhetoric.  This is the moment of conception for our nation’s move to Green energy.  It’s hardly a “once and for all” circumstance.  On that score, we’ll see what the bills hold.

Now on to the oil spill.  “We are relying on every expert… we will take ideas from anywhere.”  Apparently not, Mr. President.  Protect The Ocean has been stonewalled by your EPA as well as the US Coast Guard at every turn.  We have attempted to provide information as to the dangers of pouring Corexit into the ocean, but been ignored.  On several occasions, promises of return phone calls came back empty.  Even the suggestion of putting a delivery pipe on the one which has a valve installed on it (so as to collect all of that oil and reduce pressure to the others) went unheeded and unanswered.   But wait, it gets better. Read more


Top Kill Success? – Think Positive!

Top Kill Succeeds?

BP initiated the final phase of the Top Kill operation overnight. The goal was to fill the leaking oil well with enough heavy material that it will neutralize the flow. Then BP will insert concrete into the well to plug it permanently

Think Positive! We all need this maneuver to work. If this procedure fails we may have to endure oil and solvents pouring into the ocean for several months while BP works on establishing a relief well.

As of 9am CST, some government officials were announcing that the procedure was a success. Sources inside BP have indicated that they are not prepared to announce any status until they can complete the operation and testing.

You can view the live feed video of the oil spill, complements of PBS. Thanks for the nice video.